Snow Clearing

Snow Clearing

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Winter Control Program

Our Commitment to Safe and Efficient Winter Services

At the Town of Conception Bay South, we are dedicated to delivering an efficient winter control program that ensures the safety and accessibility of our community. Here’s how we make it happen:

Program Overview

  1. Condition Monitoring:
    • We keep a close eye on weather conditions to proactively address potential winter challenges.
  2. Anti-Icing and De-Icing:
    • Our proactive approach includes anti-icing and de-icing measures to prevent ice buildup on roads and sidewalks.
  3. Snow Clearing on Roads and Sidewalks:
    • Roads and sidewalks are cleared based on a priority system, with collector roads taking precedence. Priorities are also influenced by local environmental conditions.
  4. Snow Removal:
    • We undertake snow removal as conditions permit, usually in the evening and night, to minimize disruption to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Service and Priority

  • Road Clearing Priority: Determined by street classification, with collector roads being the primary focus.
  • Parking Lot Clearing Priority: Following road clearance and determined by usage, with consideration for local environmental conditions.
  • Sidewalk Clearing: Following road clearance, sidewalks are prioritized based on school zones, Route 60, and then remaining areas.
  • Additional Contractors: Deployed during major weather events to enhance our winter control efforts.

Operational Details

  • Cul-de-sacs: Cleared in a counter-clockwise direction with center snow piling.
  • Snow Removal Timing: Typically occurs from midnight to 8 a.m., optimizing safety and minimizing traffic disruption.
  • Department of Transportation and Works: Route 60 is maintained by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.
  • Fire Hydrants: Addressed by Town staff as resources allow. Residents are strongly encouraged to clear hydrant areas for emergency response efficiency.

Program Service Standards (up to 15cm snow)

  • First Pass: With our full fleet in operation, the initial pass of the entire town for a snow event 15 cm or less, is typically completed within 8 hours after the snowfall ends.
    • For snow events greater than 15cm, the time to complete the first full pass of the town will increase.
  • Street Widening and Clean-Up: Occurs within 24-48 hours after the first pass of the town is completed. 
  • Facilities and Sidewalks: Addressed in priority sequence after the first pass of all town streets.


  • Town Geography: With a linear layout and extensive coverage, our town’s geography poses unique challenges.
  • Mobility Issues: Narrow roads and limited turnarounds can complicate snow-clearing efforts.
  • Provincial Roads: Differing plowing schedules may lead to roadblocks and delays.

By the Numbers:

  • Staff and Equipment: Approximately 35 staff members operate 18 pieces of snow-clearing equipment.
  • Operational Schedule: Three shifts run 24 hours a day, five days a week, with weekend on-call support.
  • Roads and Sidewalks: Our team is responsible for clearing 240 km of public road (480 lane km), 41 km of sidewalks, and over 75,000 m2 of town facility parking lots.

Snow Clearing Period

The snow clearing period is December 1 – April 30, both days inclusive, and any other period when unusual snow and/or ice conditions prevail.

Winter Parking Ban

The Winter Parking Ban in the Town of Conception Bay South is in effect from December 1 until April 30, both days inclusive.

  • No person shall park an unattended vehicle on any street, road reservation, or municipal parking areas in such a way to interfere with, hinder or obstruct snow clearing operations;
  • No person shall park an unattended vehicle on any street or road reservation within the Town;
    • Between the hours of midnight and 10:00 a.m. during the Snow Clearing Period regardless of weather conditions; or
    • During a snow storm; or
    • During the 24 hours immediately following a snow storm; or
    • During such other period as may be declared by Council to enable clean-up after a severe storm or snowfall.

Any motor vehicle parked contrary to Regulations may be ticketed and/or towed away by council or their representatives, at owner’s risk and expense, to a place selected by Council or person so authorized. Your cooperation will greatly assist with snow clearing operations. As always, we thank residents for their continued patience and cooperation during snow clearing season.

Town regulations are strictly enforced. Any motor vehicle parked contrary to the Snow Clearing Regulations or Traffic Regulations may be ticketed and/or towed by the Town or its representatives, at the owner’s risk and expense.

Damaged Property

All claims for damage due to snow clearing operations must be made in writing to the Town prior to May 31 each year. Claims can be submitted online or by visiting the Engineering and Public Works Department located at the Town Hall, 11 Remembrance Square.  Please ensure that you include the following information in your claim:

  • Your full name
  • Contact number/email
  • Your full mailing address
  • Time and date that the damage occurred
  • Type of equipment that caused the damage (Make and Unit # if possible)
  • Any picture that you may have of the damage

Verbal claims and/or written claims received by the Town after May 31 will not be accepted.

Please find below more information from the Town’s Snow Clearing Regulations.

Claims against the Town for damage to mobile or portable articles, garbage boxes, buildings, fences, trees, shrubs, ledges, rock walls and lawns on private property will be accepted by the Town when they occur, as a result of being struck by equipment operated by employees of the Town or by Town contractors during the periods of time they are
engaged in work on behalf of the Town and where they occur at a distance not less than 6.1 metres (20 feet) from the center line of the street.

No claims for damages to property will be accepted by the Town where:
(a) the damages occurred on or to property located within 6.1 metres (20 feet)from the center line of the street; or
(b) the damages occurred as a result of the weight of snow and/or ice deposited on mobile or portable articles, garbage boxes, buildings, fences, trees, shrubs, hedges, rock walls and lawns; or
(c) lawns become brown or decayed as a result of the deposit of snow and/or ice; or
(d) a claim for damages is received by the Town after May 31 of the year in which the snow clearing period ends

Contact Engineering and Public Works

Call: (709) 834-6500 ext. 301


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