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Pet Services



Meet Rory! An adult female cat looking for her furr-ever home. Rory is a lover of naps in the sunshine, bird watching from her perch, and treats. She would be best suited in a home without any other animals. Rory can be a shy girl upon first meeting, but once she gets comfortable she will give her new family all of her love! Anyone interested in meeting Rory can call us at 709-834-6552.


Cat: $25.00 (includes license)
Dog $50.00 (includes license)

Please contact Humane Services at 709-834-6552 to set up an appointment to view the animals or for more details. Holding facility hours are daily from 8:00 a.m – 4:30 p.m. The holding facility is located at 12 Villa Nova Road.

Lost and Found

If you are missing your pet, please call Humane Services at 834-6552 or e-mail with detailed information regarding your pet, such as:

  • Picture of pet
  • Breed
  • Color
  • Age
  • Size
  • Tag # (if he/she has one)
  • Collar
  • When and where the animal went missing or was found
  • Any other specific information that may help you find your pet

Residents can also report a stray, injured, or abandoned animal by contacting Humane Services at 834-6500 ext. 509

Animal Licenses and Tags

Pet licensing is free and important for keeping your pets safe. Having your pet licensed helps our Humane Service Officers reunite lost pets with their owners as quickly as possible. To register your pet, please visit the Municipal Enforcement Division at the Town Hall, 11 Remembrance Square or call 709-834-6500 ext. 509. If the tag gets lost, replacement tags are available. If any information changes after the time of pet registration, please notify Humane Services. 

Prohibition on Roaming

No owner shall permit any animal to roam at large on any street, road, lane, municipal park or playground or body of water within the Town, or in any open field or common from which free access can be had to such street, road, lane or body of water.

If an animal while not in company of its owner, or a member of its owner’s household, is found in any public place including bodies of water or any private property without the consent of the property owner, the owner of such animal, as well as the person who caused the animal to be in such a place, shall be deemed to have committed an offence in terms of these Regulations.

All owners must maintain control of an animal on their property by means of a fence or use other appropriate and approved methods of restraint.

Fee Structure

The following seizing, impounding and boarding fees shall be paid by or on behalf of the owner(s) of any dog/cat seized and impounded.

  • First seizure or impounding of a dog/cat with valid license – $40
  • Second and subsequent seizures or impounding of a dog/cat with a valid license – $100
  • First seizure or impounding of a dog/cat without valid license – $50
  • Second and subsequent seizures or impounding of a dog/cat without valid license – $100
  • In addition to the seizing and impounding fee, for any day or part thereof, a boarding fee of – $15

Regulations and Legislation

Problem Wildlife/Nuisance Animals

Concerns about wildlife in the town (other than domesticated animals) such as problem wildlife or nuisance animals, please contact the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources – Forestry Services Branch at 1-709-685-7273. For more information, read our Rodent & Pest Control Information.


Call: 709-834-6500 ext. 509


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