A Bay of Opportunity

Conception Bay South is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada.  Located on the edge of the North Atlantic, close to offshore developments and land blocks, major amenities and infrastructure, the Town and its expansive bay are perfectly positioned to support and foster large industry growth.

Conception Bay South offers urban living within a rural setting. The Town’s efficient transportation network means easy access to the province’s capital city, an International airport and world-class health care facilities.

This is where opportunity lives, and your North American expansion begins.

The Centre of Industry and Development

On the east coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, just fifteen minutes from downtown St. John’s, the Town of Conception Bay South is nestled around a sheltered, expansive bay.  We are ideally located to service oil and gas industry in the Orphan Basin, Flemish Pass, and Labrador Sea, supporting exploration and drilling, construction and operations.

With new, expanding industrial lands, growing oil & gas infrastructure and access to major oil and gas sites via water and land routes, the Town of Conception Bay South is the perfect location for establishing or expanding operations. Whether supporting large oil & gas land-based industry or powering platforms from shore, Conception Bay’s proximity to both offshore lands, the north deep-water channel, and renewable power from Soldier’s Pond HVDC substation means a clean energy supply is near at hand.

The large bay and broad footprint gives plenty of access along the northwest side, and significant industrial potential along the southeast, all supported by a multi-highway system for safe and convenient transport.  Conception Bay also offers shelter from the harsh North Atlantic, and favorable weather to protect your people and assets from powerful Nor’Easters.  With ample waterways and coastline, the Bay is home to multiple industries, including oil and gas, mining, tourism, and fish harvesting.

How can Conception Bay South help you?

Conception Bay South can support large industry in many ways and can help facilitate industry growth through our Flexible Tax Incentive (FTI) program.

As a progressive, growing community uniquely positioned to advance large-scale industries, we offer flexible incentives to help reduce costs and streamline operations. If your capital investment exceeds $1,000,000, and you are not availing of any other incentive opportunities, our Flexible Tax Incentive Program may be worth exploring.

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The Port of Long Pond offers potential for marine expansion and is located minutes away from the Town’s Industrial Park, The Gateway Commercial Park and highway system. Conveniently located and connected through a multi-road network, the Industrial Park supports large industry and offers easy access to the highway system and The Gateway Commercial Park is a multi-purpose area with retail, commercial, and community development, and room to grow.

Port of Long Pond
Conception Bay South Industrial Park
Gateway Commercial Park

The Town of Conception Bay South offers a range of conveniently located commercial properties that could be home for your next operation or expansion.

Available Commercial Properties

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As the second-largest municipality in the province, we are the community of choice for families looking to enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle in a safe, rural environment.  Located on the edge of nature with scenic ocean views, residents enjoy a healthy work-life balance and access to excellent schools, health care facilities, town services, as well as a local police detachment and twenty four-seven emergency services.

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For more information about how Conception Bay South can support your future industry growth plans or to learn more about our FTI program, please contact Jennifer Lake, Director of Economic Development and Tourism, at (709) 834-6500 ext. 702 or

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