The Planning and Development Department is responsible for providing information and guidance to Council, landowners, residents, and the development industry with respect to land use planning. The department administers the Town’s Municipal Plan, zoning regulations, and the development approvals process. The Town of Conception Bay South has a long history of planning, which has helped it grow as a modern town, in both population and stature. 


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Planning and Development – Frequently Asked Questions

Most property development, alterations, or repairs will require a permit (home repairs, fences, roofs, siding, etc.). Please see the below list for application forms, which correspond to common work.

I want to build, add, or replace Application Form
• Shed
• Garage (detached)
• Baby barn
• Greenthouse, etc.
Accessory Building Application
• Fence
• Retaining wall
Miscellaneous permit – Fence
Also see Fence Regulations
• Deck
• Patio
• Wheelchair ramp
Miscellaneous Permit – Deck
• Swimming pool (above or in-ground)
• Wading pool (non-portable)
• Water feature
Miscellaneous Permit – Swimming Pool
I want to undertake general exterior home or property maintenance to…
• Roof shingles, sheathing
• Siding, cladding, fascia, etc.
• Windows, external doors
• Broken Boards or rails, or a section of deck or fence
• Mini split / heat pump
Miscellaneous Permit – General Repairs
• Garden and other decorative features No permit required
• Cosmetic interior upgrades such as flooring cabinets, countertop, fixtures, etc. No permit required

In most cases, a permit fee will be required at time of application with the completed form. These permits are processed within 4 to 7 business days. A building inspector will conduct a site visit and leave a permit card on site when approved. Permits are valid for one year. If the work is started but not completed within one year, the permit must be renewed for an additional year. If the work has not started within one year, a new application is required.

In any use classification under the Town’s Development regulations, for each zone there are permitted uses and discretionary uses.

Permitted Uses are those which, as long as the applicant meets the minimum standards of the development regulations, must be approved

Discretionary Uses are those whose use, though complimentary to the zoning of a given area, may be of a sensitive nature to abutting uses. Therefore, a discretionary use application is subject to public notification per Section 4.14 of the Town’s Development Regulations, comment and consideration by Planning Committee. This ensures appropriate development occurs in a given area balancing the objectives of an applicant with the greater public good.

If your application is determined to be a Discretionary Use for your zone, then payment of the Discretionary Use fee is required (in lieu of processing fee, see most recent Schedule of Rates and Fees) to initiate the 14-day public notice period. The Town will send notice to property owners within 100 metre radius of the property, as well as post notice in the local paper and on its website for two weeks, to allow the public to submit comments.

At the close of the notice period, staff and Council will consider all responses as part of the review of the application. If no representations are received, Council has provided directive to the Planning Department to approve the use at their discretion. The application may be refused, approved, or approved with conditions. The applicant will be sent a letter outlining Council’s decision. If approved, the file will return to normal processing queue, and any further standard requirements, fees and securities will apply.

(Such as keeping backyard poultry, etc.)

As the Town has grown, Council has worked hard to balance the needs of a community with a mix of urban and rural uses. Currently, the Town does not have explicit policies relating to urban or home-based agriculture, such as the keeping and boarding of backyard chickens. However, the Town is working continuously with stakeholders and residents to formulate policy to best serve the residents of Conception Bay South.

Most property development in the Town will require a permit, including agricultural uses. Agriculture is defined by the Town’s Development Regulations, as:

“2.6 Agriculture means horticulture, fruit growing, grain growing, seed growing, dairy farming, the keeping, breeding or rearing of livestock, including any creature kept for the production of food, wool, skins, or fur, or for the purpose of its use in the farming of land, the use of land as grazing land, meadow land, market gardens and nursery grounds and the use of land for woodlands where that use is ancillary to the farming of land for any other purpose. For the purposes of these regulations, agriculture also includes the keeping or boarding of horses.”

In some residential Zones (R-1, R-2, REL), Agriculture is permitted as a Discretionary Use.  To start the process, submit the Development Application form with a property survey or plot plan outlining your proposed use. If your property is zoned where agricultural uses are Discretionary, then the application will follow the Discretionary Use process. At the end of this process, the applicant will be sent a letter outlining Council’s decision (refusal, approval, approval with conditions) and the application will return to the normal processing queue.

Any further standard fees, securities, and requirements, such as for construction of accessory buildings (barn, coop), fences, etc., will apply. It is recommended that you have a conversation with the Development Control Coordinator regarding any proposed development you are considering.

The permitted height of a fence can be found by reading the Town’s fence regulations.

The maximum permissible size of an accessory building depends on the area of the lot. The regulations regarding accessory building size can be found on the back of the accessory building application.

Surveys are often required in order to process applications. These files are confidential and due to privacy laws, the department is unable to disclose an applicant’s personal information. Further, as this information is provided by an applicant, the Town cannot guarantee its accuracy or whether it reflects the current conditions of a property.

If you do not have a copy of the deed from when you purchased your property/home, the Provincial Registry of Deeds has registered property documents, such as property conveyances including surveys. They have public records in digital and hard copies form, depending on the age of the document.

If you have previously submitted a survey to the department and the property is still in your name, the department can complete a Property Information search. Note that information requests beyond a 24-month period may require a fee. Contact a Planning Clerk at 709-834-6500 ext. 401 or to discuss.

Submit a Compliance Letter Request Form with the required fee and supporting documents. Please allow 5 business days for the request to be completed. Verbal confirmation or information cannot be provided.

For property tax information or tax certificate, please contact the Finance Department at 709-834-6500 ext. 201. The Tax Information Request Form can be found here.

No. The fence regulations require that you fence in the area of the lot in which the pool is located with a 1.8 meter high fence. The fence must be separated from the pool by 1.8 meters.

Any person may appeal a development decision of the Town to the Eastern Newfoundland Regional Appeal Board within 14 days from the time that the applicant is notified of the decision. Learn more.

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