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Access to Information

Access to Information


The Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPPA), as legislated by the Provincial Government, is designed to create a culture of openness and accountability in the public sector, while protecting the personal information of citizens and commercially sensitive information of businesses. It applies to all public bodies (defined in the ATIPP Act), including government departments, agencies, health boards, school boards and municipalities. The ATIPP Act does not apply to the private sector.

The purpose of the ATIPP Act is

  •  to provide the public with the right of access to records; and
  • to protect the privacy of individuals whose personal information is collected, used and disclosed by public

Every municipality has an ATIPP Coordinator who is responsible for processing access to information requests. If you would like to formally request records from the Town of Conception Bay South, please make your request in writing using the Access to Information Request Form. After you have completed the form, please e-mail, fax 1-709-834-8337, or mail the form to:

11 Remembrance Square
P.O. Box 14040, Stn. Manuels,
Conception Bay South, NL  A1W 3J1

Make only one request per form, and try to be as clear as possible about the information you want. If you need assistance completing the form, please contact the ATIPP Office at 1-709-729-7072 or toll-free at 1-877-895-8891. You can also reach them at  For additional information, please visit the Accessing Public Body Records Information Sheet.


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20-11 - Correspondence to Federal Minister of Transport
8.8 MB Download
20-10 - Tax Incentives
869.9 KB Download
20-09 - LPHA Board Minutes
1.1 MB Download
20-06 - Noise Complaints
11.8 MB Download
20-05 - Community Park Phase 1
2.9 MB Download
20-04 - RFP Proposals
18.4 MB Download
20-03 - Tenants of Tax Exempt Buildings
659.2 KB Download
20-02 - Tax Exempt Buildings
1.1 MB Download
20-01 - Water and Sewer - Joshwill Crescent
11.8 MB Download


19-08 - Planning Report
2.3 MB Download
19-06 - Permits - Emerald Creek Drive
1.2 MB Download
19-05 - Chateau Avenue House Fire
12.9 MB Download
19-04 - Permits
1.6 MB Download
19-03 - Flooding Pandora Drive
55.6 MB Download
19-02 - Water Issues
38.2 MB Download
19-01 - Fire Report
4.6 MB Download


18-15 - 2011 Report on Vulnerability to Geological Hazards
47.4 MB Download
18-14 Nolan Place-Middle Ridge
87.1 KB Download
18-13 Cliffside Avenue
18.4 MB Download
18-12 Former Johnson Property
1.1 MB Download
18-10 Bairds Lane
1.4 MB Download
18-09 Building Plans
594.1 KB Download
18-07 Comerfords Road
25.6 MB Download
18-06 Animal Complaints
11.7 MB Download
18-05 January 5, 2018 Fire Report
253.1 KB Download
18-04 MVAs at Kity Ades Turn
101.1 KB Download
18-03 Accessory Building
128.3 KB Download
18-02 Environmental Contamination
47.5 MB Download
18-01 Outstanding Taxes
387.4 KB Download


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