Permits, Application & Forms

Permits, Application & Forms

Most property development, alterations, or repairs will require a permit (home repairs, fences, roofs, siding, etc.). Please see the list below for application forms that correspond to common work. 

I want to build, add, or replace Forms
• Shed
• Garage (detached)
• Baby barn
• Greenthouse, etc.
Accessory Building Application
• Fence
• Retaining wall
Miscellaneous Permit Application
Also see Fence Regulations
• Deck
• Patio
• Wheelchair ramp
Miscellaneous Permit Application
• Swimming pool (above or in-ground)
• Wading pool (non-portable)
• Water feature
Miscellaneous Permit Application
I want to undertake general exterior home or property maintenance to…
• Roof shingles, sheathing
• Siding, cladding, fascia, etc.
• Windows, external doors
• Broken Boards or rails, or a section of deck or fence
• Mini split / heat pump
Miscellaneous Permit Application
• Garden and other decorative features No permit required
• Cosmetic interior upgrades such as flooring cabinets, countertop, fixtures, etc. No permit required

Permit & Applications

Subsidiary Apartment Removal
2.4 MB Download
Sign Application
2.4 MB Download
Mobile Canteen and Vending Permit
2.3 MB Download
Miscellaneous Application
2.3 MB Download
Home Based Business Application
3.4 MB Download
Flexible Tax Incentive Application Form - Fillable
173.7 KB Download
Compliance Letter Request Form
2.3 MB Download
Commercial Vehicle Permit Application
2.3 MB Download
Business Tax Incentive Policy
20.9 KB Download
Business Tax Incentive Application
44.4 KB Download
Business Application
2.4 MB Download
Building Permit & Development Application
2.4 MB Download
Accessory Building Application
2.8 MB Download

Permit Information

In most cases, a processing fee will be required at time of application with the completed form. Permits are valid for one year. If the work is started but not completed within one year, the permit must be renewed for an additional year. If the work has not started within one year, a new application is required. All development and permit fees can be found in the Town’s schedule of rates and fees.

Visit the Town’s Development Page for further information.


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