Town Urging Public to Stay Home

Town Urging Public to Stay Home

The Town of Conception Bay South is urging the public to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. This comes after reports of youth parking cars next to each other, in areas like town parks, to spend time together.

“When cars are parked directly side by side in an effort to have conversations, this does not abide by social distancing measures and is a risk to public health. Simply put, adolescents should not be hanging out in a time like this – it’s going against everything the provincial and federal governments are telling us. These types of situations are putting adolescents, as well as those they may come in contact with, at risk. We’re asking parents to help us educate youth on this matter,” said Mayor French.

The Town of Conception Bay South remains committed to public safety and continues to take measures to slow the transmission of COVID-19. The Municipal Enforcement Division regularly patrols parks and other areas to ensure social distancing protocols are being followed.

“I’d like to echo what Dr. Janice Fitzgerald said recently, ‘we all have the responsibility and the ability to lessen the impact that this virus has on our province by staying at home unless it’s essential to go out,’” said Mayor French.


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