Water and Sewer Priority List

Revised May 30, 2019
Reservoir, Seal CoveCOMPLETED
Indian Pond Road - Area 3 - intersection Dowdens Rd up to CBHCOMPLETED
Seaspray CrescentCOMPLETED
Indian Pond DriveCOMPLETED
Indian Pond Place & Indian Pond EstatesCOMPLETED
1Mission Road
2Frog Pond Road
3Glebe Road
4Pine Tree Road
5Stagehead Road
6Caseys Road
7Braeside Lane
8Dicks Place
9Dicks Lane
10Craigs Lane
11CB Highway - Area 3 - Seal Cove high point 200m pass Daniels Rd to west boundary
12Nugents Road (approximately last 18-20 meters)
13Yorkshire Road
14Greenslades Place
15Wettlaufer Roadcompleted - private development
16Seaview Place
17Emmas Place
18Jobs Road
19McCutcheons Road
20Mulberry Placecompleted -required under previous phase
21Somerville Meadows
22Ashapple Way
23Scarlet Place
24Terminal Road (sewer only)
25Millicient Place
26Rees Place/Lander Estatescompleted- private development
27Garden Road (W&S installed from Intersection of Morgans Rd to CBH - PH 44)
28Garden Place
29Woodview Place
30Reubens Place
31Gully Pond Road  from CBH to Gully Pond Place
32Marvel Place
33Church Terrace
34Metcalfes Lane
35Cross Meadows
36Taylors Lane
37Daniels Crescent
38Lawrence Pond Road - Area 2 - By-Pass Road south
39Murphys Lane
40Birchmount Place
41St. Peters Road
42Parsons Place
43Dougs Place
44Holloway Place
45Buckingham Drive
46Harveys Path
47Shady Lane
48MunCarter Place
49Middle Ridge
50Ancorage Road - Area 2 - Cross Meadows to Minerals Road
51Minerals Road - Area 2 - the last 150m
52Sutton Place
53Stoney  Hill Park
54Kingsway Drive
55Worsley Drive
56Villa Nova Road
57Pomeroy Place
58Pocket Road
59Hickory Place
60Island View Lane
61Windy Cove Lane (sewer only)
62Haleys Place (sewer only)
63Tippett Place
64Dominion Place
65Monument Road (last 185m)
66Gerald Rideouts Road
67Leisure Lane
68Misty Lane
69Lazarus Lane
70Raven Place
71Donnybrook Road
72Snelgrove Place
73Sylvia Place
74Maywood Place
75Lawrence Pond Road W
76Lawrence Pond Road E
77Pine Marsh Road
78Quiet Way
79Rocky Place
80Hemlock Place
81Forest Road
82Chute Place