• The walking track is offered to the public free of charge. The track will be open to public during regular operation hours, unless there is a paid ticketed and/or private rental
    event occurring. The walking track will be closed during these events.
  • Walking track distance: 5 laps equals approximately 1 km.
  • Proper Footwear: It is recommended, but not mandatory, that users change from street wear to proper footwear when using track.
  • Safety & Etiquette: The safety of all users is our first priority. Please be considerate of all others using the building.
    •  We ask that faster traffic (runners, joggers, etc.) utilize the lane closest to the outside wall and slower traffic utilize the lane closest to the rails surrounding the building.
    • Do not walk with more than two people side by side, as this impedes the safe and smooth movement of other uses.
    • Strollers are permitted, however users pushing strollers must remain single file for the safety of the child and themselves.
    • Pets are not permitted on the track, expect for service dogs.
    • Spitting or spouting of water is not permitted.
    • Roller skates, scooters, skateboards or spiked shoes are not permitted.
  • Please check with the Manager of Stadium Operations and Events for specialized requests. Call 834-6500 ext. 606 or 926.
  • Cancellation Policy: The Conception Bay South Arena Management reserve the right to change the track schedule when deemed necessary. Please call 834-4444 for updates.