Dunns Hill Road Traffic Pilot Project

Dunns Hill Road Traffic Pilot Project

Last summer, the Town of Conception Bay South initiated a traffic pilot project at the intersection of Conception Bay Highway and Dunns Hill Road that reduced traffic turning movements. Only right turns were permitted; left-turning and straight-through traffic movements were restricted. The pilot project resulted from public engagement during the Town’s Integrated Transportation Study, which indicated that left-turning and sight distances at the location were challenging and unsafe. 

Based on extensive assessments and reporting by traffic consultants and feedback from the public survey, Council approved the decision to make the traffic pilot project at Dunns Hill Road, Conception Bay Highway, and Lodge Road permanent. This decision was made at the public Council meeting on July 11, 2023. The infrastructure change along with investigating upgrades to Greeleytown Road and All Saints Road will be incorporated into a future project work scope. Until then, the temporary measures implemented during the pilot project will remain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A traffic pilot project is where the Town makes temporary changes to the configuration of a street, intersection, or area for a defined period that allows for key indicators to be assessed, such as accidents and traffic patterns.

The pilot project results from public engagement during the Town’s integrated transportation study. This intersection was identified for review. Specifically, the vehicle turning movements at the intersection.

The changes to the area will be marked using signage, pylons, line paint, and modular concrete islands. Public notices will be in place at least two weeks before the project start date. Emergency services and the Newfoundland and Labrador Eastern School District will be notified directly.

The pilot project will allow a temporary change to traffic turning movements. During this time, the Town will assess key indicators like accidents, changes in traffic patterns, and service continuity. Pilot projects provide a cost-effective way to receive a proper evaluation of the project before Council decides to implement a permanent change. The pilot project will be in place for approximately 12 months.

During the trial period, the Town’s traffic consultant will evaluate traffic patterns, such as traffic counts, turning movements, traffic speeds, and near-misses. Town staff will also provide feedback on public service continuity, such as firefighting, waste collection, and snow clearing. A public survey will be available near the end of the pilot project to gather direct feedback. The consultant assessment, as well as staff and public feedback will be combined in an evaluation and presented to Council to determine if the changes will become a permanent feature of the area.

The Town will announce the project weeks in advance via Public Service Announcement that is posted online, distributed through the Town’s Resident Alert, highlighted at the Public Council Meeting and circulated to local media outlets. Current online mediums includes the Town website, social media accounts, and e-mail newsletter. Local print includes The Shoreline News.

Traffic engineering consultants completed a technical review of the intersection in accordance with the Transportation of Canada Manuals and traffic design practices. Warrant analysis did not promote traffic lights or roundabouts. A pilot project allows a temporary change with less financial impacts to be analyzed over a period of time. The analyzed data will provide critical information that may suggest other changes or upgrades required if the intersection changes were to become permanent.  

The timing of the lights will be reviewed by engineering consultants before the project starts. The timing of the turning arrow will be adjusted before the project starts if deemed necessary through their analysis. The lights will be continuously monitored throughout the project and can be adjusted at any time, if warranted.

Public consultation was completed in 2016 (Phase 1), 2017 (Phase 2), 2020 (Phase 3 and Integrated Transportation Study Public Consultation Summary Report). All documents are available online. Engagement consisted of meetings with stakeholders, an online mapping tool that allowed residents to select locations of concerns and provide comments, as well as various surveys. The summary of public feedback for the Dunns Hill/Lodge Road and Route 60 intersection was to consider closing access to/from Dunns Hills Road or restricting left turns in and out of Dunns Hill Road.

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