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Town's Plan for Growth - Town of Conception Bay South • Town of Conception Bay South

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Town’s Plan for Growth

Town’s Plan for Growth

May 10, 2019

Mayor French Addresses Business Community on Town’s Plans for Growth

Mayor Terry French today addressed the Conception Bay Area Chamber of Commerce on Council’s plans for growth and development in 2019. The Mayor noted that housing and population in the Town continues to grow, and that the Town is very much a vibrant, active area for business.

“We have a plan to help guide growth and development in our Town. The plan is composed of three elements: having competitive taxes, developing key infrastructure, such as roads and sidewalks, and renewing our focus on economic development,” said Mayor French.

“A key pillar of this strategy comes back to prudent spending. To accomplish our goal of being the community of choice for families wanting to establish long-term roots in this province, we must provide excellent civic services at a competitive tax rate, and that has been our focus. Beyond prudent expenditures, another part of our strategy is continuous investment in core infrastructure. The Town will be moving forward with more than $14.5 million in infrastructure projects allocated in our 2019 budget, excluding the investment in our multi-million-dollar library,” he stated.

The Mayor went on to address a number of highlights for 2019, including:

  • Investment of $1 million to upgrade streets and sidewalk infrastructure;
  • Investment of $8.2 million in road upgrading and paving;
  • Funding requests actively submitted to Infrastructure Canada to help meet the needs of the growing economy;
  • Council’s renewed focus on tourism and economic development, and continued focus on the Gateway to try and increase retail presence in the town;
  • The launch of a new, more user-friendly website in the coming months;
  • Hosting the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling, Boost National, once again in December, which will see people from all across the globe visit the town;
  • Implementation of automated waste collection for all residential households this fall.

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