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Town Holds ATV Safety Blitz

Town Holds ATV Safety Blitz

June 25, 2019

Town Holds ATV Safety Blitz

Today, the Town of Conception Bay South, in partnership with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) and Avalon T’Railways, staged an ATV Safety Blitz at the Seal Cove Staging Area to get the message out to residents about safe ATV use in the community.

“It seems that we are hearing more and more about reckless ATV driving, as well as alarming accidents and near misses – not just in Conception Bay South, but in communities all across the province. With summer just around the corner, this is our opportunity to bring awareness and education to an important topic. Safety is always a priority,” said Deputy Mayor Richard Murphy.

The Deputy Mayor noted that there is an ongoing issue with the unsafe driving of ATVs and dirt bikes in the town.  It continues to be a concern, with ATVs and dirt bikes being driven in undesignated areas of Town roads. He put a plea out to all ATV drivers to please respect and obey the rules of the road, not just for the driver’s safety, but for the safety of others.

The safety blitz was held at the Seal Cove Staging Area. This area is infrastructure that the Town built a few years ago, in partnership with Avalon T’Railways, and with funding from the National Trails Coalition, for recreational riders to be able to access trails in a safe and legal manner.

“ATV and dirt bikes, when not used in a conscientious, safe, and law abiding manner, represent a high potential for dangerous and unsafe activities. Police are responding to calls for service consisting of property damage, road hazards, accidents with serious injuries and deaths.  Some are tragic and all are preventable.  Owners, parents and operators have a role in ensuring responsible use. The RNC is committed to safer roads and highways. This summer, residents should expect police officers to take appropriate actions as circumstances permit this summer. Police officers will issue traffic tickets, impound vehicles and lay criminal charges as appropriate. Please assist the RNC to ensure we have healthy and safe communities,” said Inspector Alex Brennan, Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

“ATVs are fun and exciting, but must be used in a safe responsible manner. The Town of Conception Bay South is transitioning from rural to urban. This growth has made what may have been an acceptable ATV practice years ago, no longer acceptable. Many parents feel that they are doing something good for their children by allowing them to operate ATVs , when in fact they could be jeopardizing their safety and saddling them with a lot of responsibility that they may not be able to handle,” said Rick Noseworthy, president, Avalon T’Railways.

Read more information on ATV safety.

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