Town Hosts 50th Anniversary Business Recognition Celebration

Town Hosts 50th Anniversary Business Recognition Celebration

Last night, the Town of Conception Bay South hosted a 50th Anniversary Business Recognition Celebration, honouring 13 local businesses operating for over five decades. Held at The S.S. Meigle Lounge, this event marked an extension of the Town’s 50th-anniversary festivities from 2023.

The 50th Anniversary Business Recognition Program, initiated in 2023, sought out Conception Bay South businesses that have been in operation for 50 years or more. Following a year of sharing stories, the Town united business owners for a celebratory evening where they also received commemorative plaques.

“This is not just a tribute to 13 long-standing businesses that have shaped our town, but a celebration of our community’s rich history and remarkable growth. We acknowledge these businesses as so much more than commercial entities; locally-owned and operated businesses are the heart of our community where residents make memories and form friendships,” says Mayor Darrin Bent.

The businesses recognized at the 50th Anniversary Business Recognition Celebration include:

  • S.S. Meigle Lounge – Est. 1951
  • Smith’s Furniture & Appliances – Est. 1960
  • Parsons and Sons Transportation – Est. 1962
  • Taylor’s Fish, Fruit and Vegetable Market – Est. 1962
  • Sun Construction – Est. 1968
  • Dawe’s Plumbing & Heating Business – Est. 1969
  • Seal Cove Grocery – Est. 1970
  • Foxtrap Automotive Ltd. – Est. 1971
  • Jefford’s Enterprises – Est. 1971
  • Eagle Construction – Est. 1972
  • Eric Taylor Ltd. – Est. 1973
  • Hickey’s Timber Mart – Est. 1973
  • Denver’s Fine Foods – Est. 1974

The evening highlighted the economic impact of local businesses, noting its crucial role in driving the prosperity of Conception Bay South. Councillors thank the business community for their important contribution to the town’s development, job creation, and the overall enhancement of residential quality of life. The event also served as a recognition of the Town’s journey over the past five decades, evolving from nine distinct communities into one thriving municipality with over 27,000 residents and nearly 600 businesses.

For more information on the recognized businesses and their stories, please click here.


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