Expansion of Urban Forest and Rain Garden Unveiling

Expansion of Urban Forest and Rain Garden Unveiling

Town Embraces Sustainability

Following receipt of the TD Green Spaces Grant in the amount of $25,000, the Town of Conception Bay South has initiated the Urban Forest Expansion & Green Infrastructure Initiative, embracing and promoting sustainability for the Town and its residents. This initiative included two rounds of a community tree planting program to help expand the urban forest, and the creation of a community Rain Garden at Manuels River. A summary of the work completed and the impact of this grant program was explained during a community event at Manuels River on October 4, 2021.

The Urban Forest Expansion initiative has been a true community effort between the Town and residents to increase the number of trees in Conception Bay South, and enjoy the many environmental benefits this produces for years to come.  Residents, schools, and local organizations were offered the opportunity to receive a free tree from a local retailer, to be planted within the community, with its location recorded through the Town’s GIS system. Over 430 trees of different native species were distributed to residents and incorporated into residential and community properties.

As an enhancement to green infrastructure in Conception Bay South, a Rain Garden was established at Manuels River, off the Canyon Trail East. This garden is part of a pilot project to provide ideas and inspiration to residents and businesses about the benefits of rain gardens on their properties.  Information sessions, as well as information boards onsite, will explain how rain gardens help prevent flooding, filter pollution, and provide a sanctuary for birds and pollinators. Information sessions will be offered virtually by project partner Manuels River, with details on their website, manuelsriver.ca.

“Having a sustainable community is important to the residents of Conception Bay South”, said Mayor Elect Darrin Bent. “Our community is an ideal combination of urban living, in a rural environment, and we appreciate the importance of preserving our environmental resources. Building sustainable infrastructure, and being able to provide opportunities for residents to learn how to make their own properties more sustainable, is a perfect example of a community growing together, towards a greener future.”

For more information on this, and other sustainable initiatives, please visit www.conceptionbaysouth.ca. This initiative was made possible by partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and TD Bank Group.

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