Street Paving

Street upgrading, paving and sidewalk installation will recommence in early 2019. Street upgrading and paving may consist of: full pavement replacement, pavement milling, as well as patching and culvert replacement and upgrades.

Traffic Disruption – Street Upgrading and Paving

Please be advised that 2018 street upgrading and paving will recommence Monday, May 13, 2019 and continue throughout the summer. Motorists should expect delays. Please use caution and respect construction workers and equipment when traveling through construction zones. The Town apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause . Further updates will be posted on the Towns website and social media accounts. Should you have any questions, please contact the Town’s Engineering and Public Works Department at 834-6500 ext 301.

Streets to receive work during summer 2019

2018 Street Upgrading and Paving

  • Hynes Road
  • Bairds lane
  • Greenslades Road
  • Allans Line
  • Monument Road
  • Spruce Hill Road
  • Haleys Place
  • Metcalfes Lane
  • Anchorage Road
  • Fowlers Road (Buckingham Drive to Woodpath Road)

2019 Street Upgrading and Paving

  • Fowlers Road (Buckingham Drive to Cozumel Place)
    • As part of the 2018 -2019 Street Upgrading and Paving Program, this area will undergo storm water system upgrades and road widening. Storm water system upgrades will include new underground infrastructure and the removal of the existing ditches. Road widening will include new curb and gutter and the addition of a center lane for left turning traffic only. As safety is always a priority, the upgrades will also incorporate traffic calming methods.
  • Fowlers Road (Topsail Road to Woodpath Road)
  • Millers Road
  • Easons Road
  • Tobins Place
  • Ivermore Place
  • Lodge Road
  • Nichol Ave
  • Lushs Road
  • Greeleytown Road
  • Peachytown Road

2019 Street Rehabilitation Program

  • Reubans lane
  • Garden road
  • Kennedys road
  • Scotts lane north
  • Isreal place
  • Forest road
  • Dawes road
  • Red Bridge Road
  • Tilleys road south
  • Woodgrove acres
  • Wettlaufer Road
  • Battens road
  • Greeleytown road
  • Willies road
  • Busseys road
  • Jackies place
  • Glebe road
  • Minerals road
  • Readers hill road
  • Talcville
  • Mattews place
  • Bishops road
  • Townview Place
  • Tobins road
  • Neils line
  • Richs place
  • Swansborough heights
  • Chamberlains road
  • Sparrow Drive
  • Southshore Drive
  • Swansea street
  • Neils line ext
  • Rectory road
  • Staffords road
  • Maple street
  • Barnes lane
  • Topsail Manor estates
  • Mainsail drive

    SidewalksTopsail Road – Sprucehill Road to Parmiters Lane
    Route 60 – Roberts Road South to and including Upper Gullies Elementary Road
    Route 60 – 834 Conception Bay Highway to Pond Road
    Topsail Road – From civic address 2501 to 2509


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