Minerals Road Construction

Minerals Road Construction

Conception Bay South Town Council has committed $2.5 million to upgrade a section of Minerals Road. This project is cost-shared with the Government of Canada under the Canada Community Building Fund. One of Council’s main objectives since the adoption of the Integrated Transportation Plan has been to upgrade all town collector roads that link Conception Bay Highway to Peacekeepers Way. Council is pleased to advise that Minerals Road is the final collector road to receive upgrades. 

Project Timeline

Construction is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, May 23, 2023. The project is expected to be completed in November of this year. 

The project timeline is subject to change due to operational reasons and weather conditions. 

Work Schedule

The contractor is permitted to work Monday – Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Daily schedules may change due to weather, emergency repairs, and statutory holidays.

What to Expect

The upgrades consist of road widening to 10.5 meters, with curb and gutter on both sides, a sidewalk on one side, and the installation of a fully piped storm water system to eliminate road side ditches from Mountain View Road to Peacekeepers Way. Traffic calming will be incorporated in the design of the road, including a raised crosswalk and pedestrian-activated rapid flashing beacons. Radar feedback speed signs will also be placed strategically along the upgraded section.

Utility Disruptions
There may be instances of water disruptions during construction. Affected residents will be provided 48 hours’ notice, unless here is an unscheduled, emergency disruption. Please subscribe to the Town’s Resident Alert Service so that you can be notified.

A portion of your driveway may be removed; this portion is typically located within the public right of way. The contractor will replace the portion removed. Temporary access will be supplied during construction. There may also be periods when you do not have access to your driveway to allow for curing of concrete. This will be kept to a minimum. Installation of the sidewalk, curb, and gutter may also require removal of some lawn area. The contractor will replace impacted lawn sections.

The Town is not responsible for any damages that may occur due to this road work and safety signage has been posted in the area.  Temporary obstructions will not cause damage to vehicles that are travelling at the posted speed limit.

At times, there may be one-way, alternating traffic controlled by flag persons. In addition, on-street parking of vehicles is not be permitted during the construction project. 

Got Feedback?

The Town of Conception Bay South appreciates the cooperation and understanding of its residents during the construction season. Please forward any inquiries to Engineering and Public Works. 

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