Street Upgrading & Paving

Street Upgrading & Paving

Please be advised that construction will be ongoing for the projects noted below throughout the summer of 2020. Street upgrading and paving may consist of: full pavement replacement, pavement milling, as well as patching and culvert replacement and upgrades.

Motorists should expect delays. Please use caution and respect construction workers and equipment when travelling through construction zones. The Town apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. Should you have any questions, please contact the Engineering and Public Works Department at 834-6500 ext 301 or e-mail

The following projects are in design and tendering phase, and are also anticipated to start this summer:

2020 Street Upgrading and Paving Program

  • Middle Bight Road
  • Greeleytown Road (3-Way To End)
  • Tilleys Road South (Kimbar To End)
  • Quartz Place
  • Carters Lane
  • Garland Place
  • Boggans Place
  • Boggans Meadow
  • Perrins Road
  • Jumass Place

2020 Sidewalk Program

  • Topsail Road (Parmiters Lane – Monument Road)
  • Foxtrap Access Road (Foxwood Place – Dannic Place)
  • Conception Bay Highway (Hynes Road – Long Shore Road)

Additional streets to receive work summer/fall 2020:

  • Lawrence Pond Road Upgrade Phase 2
  • Tilleys Road South

2020 Street Rehabilitation

This project will begin on Monday, July 13, 2020 and will be ongoing approximately 4 weeks.

  • Lawrence Pond Road Upgrade Phase 2
  • Tilleys Road South
  • Shady Lane
  • Jones Lane
  • Ledrews Road
  • Roberts Road North
  • Woodview Place
  • Pettens Road
  • Dunns Hill Road
  • Seal Cove Road
  • Anthonys Road
  • Dougs Place
  • Wintergreen Road
  • Dawes Place
  • Daniels Crescent
  • Station Road
  • Pattys Arm Road
  • Hibbs Road
  • Lawrence Pond Road East
  • Dawes Hill Road
  • Squires Avenue
  • Barnacle Road
  • Watton Place
  • Smiths Place
  • Bayview Heights
  • Peachytown Access
  • Seymour Place
  • Reginalds Place
  • Coates Road
  • Monarch Place
  • Cambridge Crescent
  • Concord Drive
  • Sweetenwater Avenue
  • Sweetenwater Crescent
  • Tippett Place
  • Uplands Road
  • Middle Ridge Access
  • Tampa Drive
  • Mountain View Road
  • Topsail Beach Road
  • Neils Line Ext
  • Cables Road
  • Pottles Lane
  • Noseworthys Lane
  • Burdrew Place
  • Pennells Road
  • Browns Lane
  • Camp Emmanuel Road
  • Woodpath Road
  • Old Topsail Hill
  • Kingswood Drive
  • Marsh Road
  • Jobs Road
  • Jakes Lane
  • Farmland Lane
  • Windemere Place
  • Readers Hill Crescent
  • Upper Gullies Elementary Road
  • Church Road
  • Cliffside Avenue
  • Rockland Heights
  • Villa Nova Road
  • Conways Brook Road
  • Poppys Lane
  • Partridge Place
  • Caseys Road
  • Searles Place
  • Somerset Place
  • SteadyBrook Road
  • Neils Line
  • Spruce Hill Road

Further updates may be posted on this web page as they become available.

Traffic Advisories

For traffic advisories related to ongoing road work, please visit traffic advisories.

Temporary Speed Cushions

As part of the 2019 traffic calming budget, Council approved the purchase of additional, temporary speed cushions. These are currently installed for temporary placement this summer in high-traffic areas that lead to Town facilities. The locations are:

  • Lions Crescent, leading to Topsail soccer field
  • Worsely Drive, leading to Worsely Park
  • Red Bridge Road, leading to Sgt. Ned Nugent’s Park


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