Snow Removal

Snow Removal

The Town of Conception Bay South strives to provide an effective and efficient winter control program by:

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Anti-icing/De-icing
  • Snow Clearing
  • Sidewalk Snow Clearing
  • Snow Removal

Service and Priority

  • Priority for snow-clearing roads is determined by street classification and Town parking lots by usage; de-icing and snow clearing are also determined by local environmental conditions.
  • Sidewalk clearing takes place once streets are clear, and is prioritized by school zones, Route 60, then remaining areas.
  • Additional contractors are called in during major weather events.
  • Equipment generally does not de-ice and plow simultaneously.
  • Cul-de-sacs are salted or cleared in a counter clockwise direction with center snow piling.
  • Snow removal is completed as conditions allow and generally in the evening and night.
  • Snow removal typically occurs from midnight to 8 a.m., when there is the least amount of pedestrian and vehicle traffic in residential and commercial areas. However, snow removal may happen anytime depending on weather conditions.
  • Working overnight provides a safer environment for various winter control practices and provides an opportunity to have school zone sidewalks cleared by morning.
  • Route 60, Foxtrap Access Road, Peacekeepers Way, and the Manuels Bypass are maintained by the Department of Transportation and Works.

By The Numbers…

  • Approximately 35 full and part-time staff support the engagement of 18 pieces of snow-clearing equipment within a 24-hour period.
  • 3 shifts are scheduled 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, with weekend on-call as needed.
  • Municipal workers are responsible for clearing 237 km of public roads, 31 km of sidewalks, and 75,000 m2 of public/parking lots.
  • Even with the full fleet in operation it takes approximately 8 hours to clear the entire Town.

Snow Clearing Period

The snow clearing period is December 1 – April 30, both days inclusive, and any other period when unusual snow and/or ice conditions prevail.

Winter Parking Ban

Residents of Conception Bay South and motorists parking within the Town are advised that the Winter Parking Ban is in effect from December 1 until April 30, both days inclusive, on all roads and streets.

  • No person shall park an unattended vehicle on any street, road reservation, or municipal parking areas in such a way to interfere with, hinder or obstruct snow clearing operations;
  • No person shall park an unattended vehicle on any street or road reservation within the Town;
  • Between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 10:00 a.m. during the Snow Clearing Period regardless of weather conditions; or
  • During a snow storm; or
  • During the 24 hours immediately following a snow storm; or
  • During such other period as may be declared by Council to enable clean-up after a severe storm or snowfall.

Any motor vehicle parked contrary to Regulations may be ticketed and/or towed away by council or their representatives, at owner’s risk and expense, to a place selected by Council or person so authorized. Your cooperation will greatly assist with snow clearing operations. As always, we thank residents for their continued patience and cooperation during snow clearing season.

Town regulations are strictly enforced. Any motor vehicle parked contrary to the Snow Clearing Regulations or Traffic Regulations may be ticketed and/or towed by the Town or its representatives, at the owner’s risk and expense.

011 - Snow Clearing Regulations
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010 - Traffic Regulations
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Damaged Property

Residents can report property damage due to snow clearing operations or road conditions by contacting the Engineering and Public Works Department.

Contact Engineering and Public Works

Call: (709) 834-6500 ext. 301


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