Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

The Town supports the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Neighbourhood Watch Program and encourages residents to get involved. 

Neighbourhood Watch is a community-based crime prevention program which aims to improve the quality of life within a neighbourhood by minimizing preventable crime and the perception of crime and, more importantly, by promoting closer community ties. The program relies on the community and the police working together in a partnership to achieve these aims.

Neighborhood Watch works through mutual aid – neighbours watching out for neighbours. Nearby residents recognize who you are, what type of car you own and may be the first to notice something out of the ordinary within the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch formalizes the actions that neighbours do already. Many of us know our closest neighbours and look out for suspicious activity.  We watch people who look out of place in our neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood Watch brings area residents closer together. By working together, we can help reduce the opportunities for crime in our neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood Watch provides crime alerts, crime prevention tips, and ways that you can assist the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) respond to suspicious persons or crimes.

Let’s connect and protect.

The Neighborhood Watch Program is designed to be adapted to the needs of each neighbourhood. It can be simple, complex, formal or informal – however the members choose to make it.  It is vital to have the majority of nearby properties involved, with a minimum of eighty percent, as the program does not work when there are gaps in the watch area.

You can start a Neighborhood Watch Program by becoming a Block Captain. The Town’s Enforcement Division, in partnership with the RNC, will assist you with getting started.

Block Captain: Works with their specific watch group to design the program that suits the participants. The duties of the Block Captain will provide a means for neighbours to meet each other, as well as a means for making the community a safer place to live.

If there is an existing Neighborhood Watch in your area, you can become a Watch Member.

Watch Member: You will become connected with your Block Captain who will welcome you into the program and provide you with important resources. Watch Members are taught how to identify criminal or suspicious activity and how to report this kind of activity to the RNC and their neighbours.

It is important to note that after the initial stages of setting up a Neighborhood Watch, which requires the assistance of the RNC and the Town’s Enforcement Division, the program will be run almost totally by the citizens themselves.

If you are interested in crime prevention and would like to get involved with a local Neighbourhood Watch Program, please contact the Town at 834-6598 or by e-mail at

  • A commitment to be concerned about your neighbours’ property as well as your own;
  • A commitment to report any suspicious activity to the RNC and to your neighbours; and
  • A commitment to talk to your neighbours and to advise them of what is happening in your area.

Neighbourhood Watch:

Does not require you to patrol your neighbourhood.
Does not ask you to take on the role of the police or chase suspected criminals.
Does not encourage vigilante behaviour.
Does not involve being nosy or invasive or having your neighbours know all of your business.
Does not involve going to a lot of meetings, or for you to take on a lot of extra responsibilities or special tasks.
Does help prevent crime to create safer neighbourhoods.
Does connect neighbours with neighbours and helps build stronger communities.

Join Neighbourhood Watch!

Contact our Enforcement Division who will help you get started:

Phone: (709) 834-6598

You can also learn more about this program by visiting Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Community Services.

Other important community numbers:
Emergency: 911
Police Main Desk: (709) 729-8000
Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-8477
Conception Bay South Fire Department: (709) 834-6540

If you call the Police, Fire Department or Ambulance:
– Give your name and address.
– Tell them why you are calling, what is happening, when, where and who is involved.
– Describe the situation – people, vehicles, etc. – in detail.

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