Fire Safety Tips for Working at Home

Fire Safety Tips for Working at Home

With an increased number of people working from home, personal residences have become much busier throughout the day. With many people staying inside, the potential for fire is greater.

Fire Safety Tips for Working at Home:

  • With many people now setting up computers or other technology in their home, please ensure circuits are not overloaded, and that you are not working with damaged cords.
  • Ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are in good, working order, and test them regularly.  Did you know that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have a 10 year life span?  Be sure to also check the units expiration date when testing batteries.
  • Children may be on their phones, tablets, and laptops more than usual.  When charging, put devices on a hard surface.  Never leave them on a bed, couch or anything that could catch fire easily.  Devices and chargers can get very hot and cause a fire.
  • Cook safely.  Families are now juggling working from home, online learning for children, listening to news briefings, and the overall stress of COVID-19.  When cooking, ensure your full attention is given to the task at hand.  Turn off the stove if you need to leave the kitchen while cooking.  When simmering, baking, or roasting food, check regularly and use a timer to remind yourself that you are cooking.
  • Plan and practice your fire escape plan.  Ensure everyone knows two ways out of each room.  Discuss with any younger members of the household to ensure they know what and what not to do and they know where to find your safe outdoor meeting place.
  • For help with discussing fire safety with children, visit Sparky the Fire Dog’s website at

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