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Fire Safety For Kids

Fire Safety For Kids

As parents and guardians, we do so much to ensure the safety of our children. We make sure they wear helmets when ice skating and riding a bike; we teach them how to swim and how to safely cross the street. From day one, we are teaching them important safety information.

But what about fire safety?

  • Do your children know what to do if they wake up to smoke in the home or the sounds of the smoke alarm going off?
  • Do they know “2 Ways Out” and have a safe meeting place outside?
  • Do they know NOT to hide and that a firefighter in full SCBA may look scary but is there to help?
  • Have you talked to your child about 9-1-1 and when to use it?
  • Do they know their address to tell the 9-1-1 dispatcher?
  • At the cabin or camp site? Do they know the emergency number to call and how to communicate your location?
  • Visiting with grandparents or other family/friends? They should also know all the important information for that home too.


Check out www.sparky.org, which is Sparky the Fire Dog’s very own website, full of educational and fun content for children. Rock and roll to catchy tunes, play games, and find activities. There is also a parent and educators’ section.

Conception Bay South Firefighters have prepared video messages to show you important fire safety tips, like the one below. Be sure to visit the Town’s YouTube Channel to watch all of these videos.

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