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Residential Construction

Residential Construction

Apply for a building permit

Applicants are required to complete a building permit and a development application.

All applications must be accompanied by the following:

  • Plot plan or survey showing the dimensions of the proposed building lot
  • Written permission from the property owner (if different from applicant)
  • Processing fee of $50 (non-refundable)

Upon completion of the application, planning staff review the proposed development and complete a site inspection. Should the application meet all requirements, a development approval will be issued outlining any conditions for development. You will then be required to submit a proposed house location and a complete set of building plans. The proposed house location must be stamped by a Newfoundland Land Surveyor and must meet all requirements of the approval letter. This information will then be reviewed by a building inspector.

Once all conditions of the development approval have been met, a building permit will be issued upon payment of applicable fees, as follows:

Standard Fees: Building Permit Fee: We’ve eliminated the building permit fee for all new residential construction in 2020!
Occupancy Deposit: $750 (refundable upon receipt of occupancy permit)
Occupancy Fee: $100 (additional $50.00 fee for basement apartment)
Landscape Deposit: $500 (non-transferable)
Water and Sewer Fees: Water and Sewer Permit: $50 (if applicable)
Water and Sewer Connection: $5,000 (if applicable)
Water and Sewer Tap-In Security Deposit: $2500 (if applicable)
Other Fees: Recreation Improvement Fee: $400 per lot (if applicable)
Development Fee: $100 per lot (if applicable)

Please note that based on the nature of your development, other fees (culverts, service levys, etc.) may be required.

It is the permit holder’s responsibility to book the required building inspections by calling the Planning and Development Department at 834-6500 ext. 401 or by emailing inspections@conceptionbaysouth.ca.

Please allow two working days’ notice when booking inspections. Inspections are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Town of Conception Bay South inspects buildings for conformity with the requirements of the National Building Code and the Town’s Building Regulations. The following inspections are mandatory:

Backfill Inspection
Weeping Tile Tie-In Inspection (if not completed as part of the backfill inspection)
Underslab Plumbing Inspection
Underslab Vapour/Soil Gas Barrier Inspection
Framing Inspection
Insulation and Vapour Barrier Inspection
Final Occupancy Inspection
Landscaping Inspection

If an inspection is missed, the Town may not be able to issue an occupancy permit and your inspection deposit will be forfeited.

The building inspector will not carry out an occupancy inspection until all required inspections have been passed and final approvals, including certificates from other agencies and provincial departments, are submitted to the Planning and Development Department.  In addition, other certifications as required by the building inspector must be in the file.

All rough site grading must be completed prior to final inspection.  A positive grade must be maintained on all sides of the foundation to ensure surface water flows away from the foundation.  No ponding of water is permitted.  Site grading must not negatively affect adjoining properties.  You must permanently install your dwelling’s civic number on the front of the dwelling prior to the occupancy inspection.

Occupancy of any dwelling is not permitted until an occupancy permit has been issued.  Occupancy permits may take up to two working days, from the date of the final inspection, for processing. Information about the status of an occupancy permit will only be provided to the applicant.

Most property development, alterations, or repairs will require a permit (home repairs, fences, roofs, siding, etc.). Please see the below list for application forms, which correspond to common work.

I want to build, add, or replace… Application Form
• Shed
• Garage (detached)
• Baby barn
• Greenthouse, etc.
Accessory Building Application
• Fence
• Retaining wall
Miscellaneous permit – Fence
• Deck
• Patio
• Wheelchair ramp
Miscellaneous permit – Deck
• Swimming pool (above or in-ground)
• Wading pool (non-portable)
• Water feature
Miscellaneous Permit – Swimming Pool


I want to undertake general exterior home or property maintenance to…
• Roof shingles, sheathing
• Siding, cladding, fascia, etc.
• Windows, external doors
• Broken Boards or rails, or a section of deck or fence
• Cover entrance or stairwell
• Mini split / Heat pump
• Driveway
Miscellaneous Permit – General Repairs
• Garden and other decorative features No permit required
• Cosmetic interior upgrades such as flooring cabinets, countertop, fixtures, etc. No permit required

In most cases, a permit fee will be required at time of application with the completed form. These permits are processed within 1 to 2 business days. A building inspector will conduct a site visit and leave a permit card on site when approved.

Permits are valid for one year. If the work is started but not completed within one year, the permit must be renewed for an additional year. If the work has not started within one year, a new application is required.


Phone: 709-834-6500 ext. 401
Fax: 709-834-8337
Information: Read our Frequently Asked Questions
Email: inspections@conceptionbaysouth.ca


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