Road Safety

Let’s keep our communities safe. As a growing town of over 26,000 residents, our priority is to ensure neighbourhood safety for everyone, including pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. We continue to invest in traffic calming and education initiatives to help promote safety on our roads.

Some road safety initiatives include:

  • Regular radar patrol in areas known for higher driving speeds.
  • Mobile digital traffic signs displayed throughout the community to bring awareness to drivers’ speeds, often used in school zones.
  • Targeted traffic operations in partnership with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.
  • A sidewalk program, with a priority in school zone areas. This program supplements $1.2 million spent in 2017 to install pedestrian activated traffic lights.

Traffic Calming

Is speed or traffic volume in your neighbourhood a concern? Please submit a traffic calming request form to the Enforcement Division at the Town Hall, 11 Remembrance Square, during regular business hours or by email to

Traffic calming measures may include: additional municipal enforcement patrols, signage, pavement markings, flashing radar signs and speed humps.

Assessment considerations for traffic calming measures may include factors such as: type of roadway, collision history, daily traffic volume, vehicle speed, emergency route, school zone area, road geometry and non-local traffic.

 Learn More About Your Street

As a proactive safety measure, our Enforcement Division collects data on various streets. The map below provides collected street data and will  be updated in the future as more information becomes available. Please click on the blue icon in the map to see what the data is for your neighbourhood. The green icons are active traffic calming locations. Yellow icons are areas where traffic calming measures are in progress.