Pool Schedule


Effective January 1-June 30, 2019


Please note: The inflatable slide will be in the water on Saturday, June 8 for the below noted swims. Users must be able to swim in the deep end or must wear their own life jacket if using the inflatable slide.
Family Swim: 6:30-7:25pm
Public Swim: 7:30-8:25pm

MONDAY2:00-2:55PMAdult/Leisure Swim
3:00-3:55pmShallow Water Fitness
9:00-9:55PMAdult/Leisure Swim
TUESDAY6:00-8:25amAdult/Leisure Swim
12:00-12:55pmAdult/Leisure Swim
2:00-2:55pmSenior Swim
3:00-3:55pmPublic Swim
8:30-9:25pmADULT LESSONS
9:30-10:25PMAdult/Leisure Swim
WEDNESDAY2:00-2:55pmAdult/Leisure Swim
3:00-3:55PMPublic Swim
THURSDAY2:00-2:55PMAdult/Leisure Swim
3:00-3:55pmPublic Swim
8:00-9:00PMShallow Water Fitness
9:00-9:55pmAdult/Leisure Swim
FRIDAY6:00-8:25amAdult/Leisure Swim
12:00-12:55pmAdult/Leisure Swim
1:00-1:55pmPublic Swim
2:00-2:55pmSenior Swim
7:30-8:25pmPublic Swim
SATURDAY3:30-4:25pmPublic Swim
6:30-7:25pmFamily Swim
7:30-8:25pmPublic Swim
SUNDAY12:00-12:55pmAdapted Aquatics
2:00-2:55pmFamily Swim
4:30-5:25pmFamily Swim
6:30-7:25pmPublic Swim
7:30-8:25pmAdult/Leisure Swim

For the most up-to-date swim schedule call 834-DIVE (3483)

Adult Swim: Ages 17+
Senior Swim: Ages 55+
Public Swim: Open to all. Children 7 and under must be accompanied in the water by an adult. 
Family Swim: Adults must accompany children under the age of 17 in the water at family swims.  Children cannot attend this swim alone.

Individual Swims:
Children – $1.77 plus HST each
Adults – $2.97 plus HST each
Seniors – $1.77 plus HST each

Family Swim Rate:
2 patrons – $4.43 plus HST
Each additional patron – $1.11 plus HST

Children/Seniors – $7.08 plus HST/book of 5
Adults – $13.27 plus HST/book of 5

Lockers are available in change rooms. However, they are not coin operated. Patrons are responsible for bringing their own lock.

For further information, please contact the pool at 834-6500 ext 602 or 834-DIVE (3483).