Public Notice on Water Main Breaks

Public Notice on Water Main Breaks

Public Notice

Concerns have been raised over the frequency in which water main breaks are occurring, as well as high pressure levels in water lines. We would like to provide the public with details on the situation.

Some of the recent water main breaks were emergency in nature, while others were scheduled, routine shutdowns.

To fix a water main break, you must connect and disconnect the Town’s water supply. This can cause disruptions elsewhere in the system, such as air pockets or dirt in the line. This is a cause of additional pressures, which can result in disruptions to both municipal and private systems.

The Town continues to monitor and review its water system, and has begun an investigation into the source of the recent breaks. Staff will be sending samples and photos of damaged infrastructure to external expertise in an effort to confirm the cause of failure. Longer term, staff will engage an external expert consultant to conduct a review of the water system, including an analysis of the use of residential PRVs given the types of pressure levels we typically experience in Conception Bay South.

If it is determined that the Town’s actions have resulted in damage to residential properties we will certainly work with our insurance company to ensure the question of compensation is properly considered.

However, we need to understand exactly what the cause of the problems are and that can only be done with further analysis and investigation, which may take several weeks.

The Town’s general operations and maintenance of its water system include: an annual, third-party PRV inspection program, complemented with regular inspection checks throughout the year; rotational leak detection programs; improvements to remote pressure monitoring, and continuous enhancements to remote pressure monitoring. Ongoing enhancements include the installation of water meters later this summer which allows for a more efficient water system by identifying water usage changes more quickly and thereby addressing infrastructure concerns in a timely manner.

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