Private investment in Conception Bay South has grown significantly over the last decade as the population has increased to a level that can support a strong and diversified commercial and retail sector. Conception Bay South’s favorable climate, rural feel, and a location which neighbours the City of St. John’s, offshore servicing projects in Bay Bulls, and is in close proximity to the nickel processing facility in Long Harbour, have made it a prime location on the Avalon Peninsula.

While Conception Bay South continues to grow at a strong pace in terms of population, the Town is experiencing a lack of national retail options on a per capita basis. The Town is especially under-serviced by grocery, sporting goods and general merchandise stores, which presents many opportunities of new and existing businesses.

Recent census data demonstrates that Conception Bay South is a strong and vibrant community that offers many opportunities for establishing and growing a variety of commercial enterprises. The Town’s demographic profile highlights a more qualitative exploration.

The Town is served by three local general merchandise stores but the theoretical capacity is 10.7. No national or provincial chains are currently present.

Conception Bay South is serviced by two national supermarket chain stores although there is a theoretical capacity of 13.7.