Gateway Update

At the April 18 Public Meeting, Council provided residents with an update on 'the gateway' commercial development.

Recognizing that a regional business centre would result in long-term economic stability for the Town of Conception Bay South, the Town has made a strategic investment to acquire and develop approximately 200 acres of land off Legion Road.

The Town’s long-term vision for ‘the gateway’ is to provide an attractive, accessible destination of choice for shopping and services for the region, residents and visitors.  Our goal is to have a retail mix of businesses at the location, including big box stores, retail outlets, professional offices, restaurants and other services.

Prior to developing the gateway and in developing a strategic business plan for the Town of Conception Bay South, it became evident that one of the key challenges was the lack of commercially suitable land. The Town was relying heavily on a residential tax base and it was envisioned that ‘the gateway’ development would complement the existing commercial tax base.

Since 2011, we have invested approximately $11.7 million in infrastructure and other improvements. That includes:

  • Land acquisition
  • Water, sewer, storm water construction
  • Site preparation work
  • Road improvements – which includes paving, curb and gutter.

To date the Town has received about $3.265 million in land sales – that includes our anchor tenant Kent, and, more recently, the sale of 4.9 acres to Baine Johnston Properties Inc. who are currently completing design work to develop several lots purchased from the Town in 2016.

By acquiring land and servicing this area, the Town was also able to develop the new Arena on just over 16 acres of land. The $21 million multi-functional facility includes an extremely popular Walking Track, which attracts hundreds of patrons daily. The economic spinoffs of a facility that can accommodate conferences, trade shows and sporting events are significant. We have recently completed the development of the T’Rrailway link from the Arena to the Sgt. Ned Nugent’s Recreation area. In 2017 we will be continuing work on the trail from the Arena to the T’Railway via Kiwanis Park, thereby completing this loop.

Through the investment to develop roads and water and sewer services, there is in excess of 52 acres of land available. There is  an additional 100 acres of land available for future growth.

‘The gateway’ is an ideal location for investors who are looking for serviced land for commercial and industrial development. It is conveniently located off Peacekeepers Way, one of the busiest roads in the province, and the potential is there for businesses to serve the Town’s 26,000 residents as well as thousands more from surrounding communities.

From day one, Council believed in the success of ‘the gateway’ retail project and its appeal to major developers and retailers. We believe our community is underserviced by major retailers, and are open for proposals for commercial development.

 ‘The gateway’ is a long- term initiative and a great development asset for residents of Conception Bay South. We remain committed to this project and continue to address inquiries from investors on an ongoing basis. We will work with  project partners to ensure that the full potential of this commercial destination is fully realized.