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Municipalities Exploring Collective Economic Development Opportunities with Help From the Government of Canada

Municipalities Exploring Collective Economic Development Opportunities with Help From the Government of Canada

The municipalities of St. John’s, Mount Pearl, Paradise, and Conception Bay South are collaborating and exploring ways to combine their individual strengths to create regional economic opportunities and build stronger, more resilient communities.

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is contributing $53,857 towards the two-part initiative with each of the participating municipalities contributing $10,000.

During Phase I, a consultant will be hired to review and report on the potential benefits, issues, parameters, and opportunities of a regional economic development framework for the four participating municipalities. The goal is to leverage the expertise and resources of the individual municipalities to achieve a greater effect collectively.

Under Phase I, the consultant will conduct research and analysis to summarize activities of mutual benefit, identify possible issues, and outline opportunities for a regional framework. Once Phase I is complete, the participating municipalities will review and evaluate the findings to determine if the project will move to Phase II. A second phase would consider options and recommendations for a potential regional economic development framework.

The project is led by a Steering Committee which includes the Mayor from each municipality and a Working Committee of senior municipal staff who will guide the work of the project and the consultant. The consultant will be hired through an open public call process which is scheduled to be issued this week through the City of St. John’s Bids and Tenders process.



“We’re always stronger when we work together. This project leverages the combined potential of the City of St. John’s, the City of Mount Pearl, the Town of Paradise and the Town of Conception Bay South to deliver real and lasting economic benefits for our entire region.”
The Honourable Seamus O’Regan Jr.,
Minister of Natural Resources and Member of Parliament for St. John’s South-Mount Pearl

“The City of St. John’s believes that municipalities in the region each have their own strengths in terms of economic development. Leveraging the expertise and resources we have individually can only benefit the region collectively and I am pleased that this cooperative step towards fostering a collaborative approach is being taken.”
Danny Breen, Mayor, City of St. John’s

“This initiative is about discovering new ways to work together, and to better understand opportunities that can leveraged for the benefit of each municipality and our region. The project’s structure is such that each municipality has an equal voice, and the phased approach allows us to reevaluate our joint perspective to ensure all options get due consideration.”
Dave Aker, Mayor, City of Mount Pearl

“Both the federal, and provincial governments are encouraging municipalities to work together to overcome challenges and demonstrate regional partnerships.  By coming together on this proposal and demonstrating our commitment for economic development for our region as a whole, our municipalities have opened the door to discover what we can accomplish together.”
Terry French, Mayor, Town of Conception Bay South

“Through sharing services, municipalities are able to efficiently and cost-effectively provide essential services to our residents. It is only natural, that as neighbours, we look for further ways to work together which will benefit our municipality while also strengthening the region. Exploring the possibilities for regional economic development opportunities is a logical next step for all of us and I look forward to working together on this timely initiative.”
Dan Bobbett, Mayor, Town of Paradise


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