Municipal Election

Municipal Election

The date for the 2021 Municipal Election has been set for September 28, 2021. Information on the Municipal Election process, including forms, dates, and general information can be found on the Department of Municipal and Provincial Affairs website.


2021 Municipal Election Forms

Municipal Elections Act

Voters List

Residents can verify they are included on the Municipal Voters List below.

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Mail-In Voting

Residents have the option during the 2021 Municipal Election for Mail-In Voting.  Please note that to have this option, you must register in advance.

Conception Bay South Municipal Election Vote by Mail Regulations
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PLEASE NOTE: Two (2) pieces of identification are required to register for mail in voting. One must be a photo ID, showing the civic address, and the other may be a non-photo ID. 

The deadline to register for Mail-In Voting is September 15, 2021.


Information on Mail-In Voting


Nomination Information

The period for nominations will take place from August 24-31, 2021, between the hours of 9:00 am – 4:00 pm daily, with the exclusion of the weekend of August 28 and 29, 2021.

As per the Municipal Elections Act, the following qualifications are listed for nominations:

A person is qualified to be nominated as a candidate for councillor who

  • is eligible to vote in an election held under this Act in the municipality in which he or she is nominated to serve as a councillor;
  • is not in arrears of taxes or other charges payable to the municipality; and
  • is ordinarily resident for a period of 30 days before the commencement of the nomination period either in the municipality or in an area that on election day is part of a municipality.

A person is not qualified to be nominated as a candidate for councillor

  • while he or she holds an office under the council to which a salary or remuneration payable out of the funds of the municipality is attached;
  • while he or she is employed by the council; and
  • where he or she is the chief administrative officer of an agency or body established by the council and that agency or body has an annual operating budget that must be approved by the council for which that officer seeks nomination as a candidate.

A person is not qualified to be nominated as a candidate for councillor in an election where

  • he or she was dismissed as a councillor or his or her seat as a councillor has been vacated under paragraphs 206(1)(b) or (e) or subparagraph 206(1)(f)(ii) of the Municipalities Act, 1999 ; or
  • his or her seat as a councillor was declared vacant under subsection 20(2) of the City of Corner Brook Act or the City of Mount Pearl Act , subsection 206(2) of the Municipalities Act, 1999 or section 11 of the City of St. Johns Act , where that election is held not more than 2 years after the date on which that person was dismissed as a councillor or his or her seat was vacated or declared vacant.

Subsection (2) does not apply to a volunteer firefighter of a municipality who is not a fire chief.

A person is not qualified to be nominated as a candidate for councillor if he or she is a

  • member of the House of Commons or the Senate of Canada;
  • member of the House of Assembly of the province; or
  • judge of the Supreme Court or the Provincial Court of the province.

Notwithstanding subsection (3), where, before the coming into force of this section, a councillors seat was vacated under paragraph 206(1)(e) of the Municipalities Act, 1999 , that councillor may be nominated as a candidate for councillor and is eligible for election in the first general election of councillors held after the coming into force of this section.

Notwithstanding subsection (2), a person referred to in that subsection who is not a clerk, manager or department head, excluding a volunteer department head, with a council may request, and the council shall grant to that person, a leave of absence in order for that person to be nominated as a candidate for council.

 A person to whom a leave of absence is granted under subsection (7) who is elected as a councillor shall resign from his or her employment with the council before taking his or her oath or affirmation of office as a councillor.

As per the Municipal Elections Act, anyone looking to put forth a nomination for a municipal election must complete the following:

A candidate for the office of councillor shall be nominated by persons eligible to vote who are resident in the ward for which he or she is a candidate, where the municipality is divided into wards, or by persons eligible to vote who are resident in the municipality, where the municipality is not divided into wards.

A nomination

  • shall be in writing;
  • shall state the name and civic address of the candidate;
  • shall be signed by the proposer and seconder, both of whom shall be present together with the candidate who shall also sign signifying his or her acceptance; and
  • shall be in the required form.

In the cities of Corner Brook , Mount Pearl and St. Johns , a candidate for mayor shall be nominated in the same manner as a councillor under subsection (1) but shall run as a candidate for mayor only.

In the city of St. Johns , a candidate for deputy mayor shall be nominated in the same manner as a councillor under subsection (1) but shall run as a candidate for deputy mayor only.

The returning officer shall not receive the nomination paper of a candidate unless there is attached to it a declaration of qualification in the required form.

Notwithstanding paragraph 16(2)(c), where a candidate is unable to attend his or her nomination and as a result is unable to signify his or her acceptance or complete his or her declaration of qualification, the returning officer may accept, in the required form, a declaration to that effect from one of the candidate’s nominators together with a declaration from the nominator that the candidate possesses the qualifications required by this Act and accepts the nomination.

A candidate

  • in a town or a region, at the time of his or her nomination shall deposit a sum of $10; and
  • in a city, at the time of his or her nomination, shall deposit a sum of $50,

with the returning officer and that sum is not refundable.

Electoral Wards

Conception Bay South consists of 4 Electoral Wards.  A listing of the streets included in each Electoral Ward can be found below.

Abigail Place
Access Place
Allans Line
Andlorlyn Place
Annies Place
Arbor Place
Bailey Place
Barley Road
Barnes Lane
Barnes Place
Belle Isle Place
Birchwood Place
Blackstrap Path
Blackstrap Place
Blue Spruce Drive
Blueview Avenue
Boggans Lane
Boggans Meadow
Boggans Place
Breeze Place
Brighton Place
Browns Lane
Bubble Pond Place
Buckingham Drive
Cabot Road
Caines Place
Caledonia Place
Cambridge Crescent
Cardero Place
Carrigan Place
Carters Lane
Chamberlains Road
Chanterelle Drive
Chaytors Place
Chaytors Road
Chelsea Place
Church Terrace
Cliffside Avenue
Coniferous Road
Cozumel Place
Delta Place
Denford Estates
Dogwood Place
Dove Place
Driftwood Place
Earlston Avenue
Echostone Place
Ewings Road
Fords Way
Fowlers Road
Frog Pond Road
Front View Avenue
Gardner Drive
Garland Place
Geehans Drive
Goodland Road
Haleys Place
Haliburton Street
Hazel Place
Henrys Place
Hershey Place
Hickman Place
Hidden Meadows
Hierlihys Place
Hillview Avenue
Hiscocks Lane
Hops Street
Horizon Place
Ivimey Place
Jason Place
Javelin Place
Kingswood Drive
Kirkston Avenue
Laurel Road
Lions Crescent
Little Bell Place
Lucston Avenue
Lupin Place
Mainsail Drive
Manuels Arterial Road
Maple Ridge Place
Maple Street
Mariliz Place
McKenzie Place
Meagher Place
Mercers Road
Metcalfes Lane
Michelin Place
Millers Road
Montego Place
Monument Road
MunCarter Place
Murphys Lane
Neils Line
Neils Line Extension
Old Topsail Hill
Parmiters Lane
Partridge Place
Pecan Lane
Petawa Park
Quartz Place
Rectory Road
Red Sky Estates
Richs Place
River Run
Riverside Avenue
Rockland Heights
Rosalie Place
Rosegate Place
Sailview Place
Sandstone Street
Serenity Lane
Silverwood Drive
Somerset Place
Somerville Meadows
Southshore Drive
Sparrow Drive
Spruce Hill Estates
Spruce Hill Place
Spruce Hill Road
Squires Avenue
Staffords Road
Starrigan Place
Stratton Place
Swansborough Heights
Swansea Street
Sweetbridge Avenue
Sweetenwater Avenue
Sweetenwater Crescent
Tampa Drive
Thomston Avenue
Tippett Place
Topsail Beach Road
Topsail Heights
Topsail Manor Estates
Topsail Road
Topsail Shores Terrace
Topsail View Park
Treeland Place
Treetops Lane
Uplands Road
Valleyview Crescent
View Lane
Webster Place
Wharf Lane
Wheeler Place
Windemere Place
Windfall Crescent
Wintergreen Road
Woodpath Road
Woody Lane
Worsley Drive
Wylies Place

Albany Place
All Saints Road
Alpine Place
Anchorage Road
Atkins Road
Bairds Lane
Battens Road
Belway Place
Bently Place
Bishops Road
Braeside Lane
Braeside Place
Branch Place
Busseys Road
Cables Road
Camp Emmanuel Place
Carrie Wood Place
Cassandra Place
Cemetery Lane
Cherrington Place
Cherry Lane
Christopher Drive
Church Road
Chute Place
Cobra Place
Coffee Creek Place
Commodore Place
Conception Bay Highway Civic 1-519 and Civic 2-514
Concord Drive
Conways Brook Road
Cottage Lane
Country Path Road
Cross Meadow
Dahlia Place
Dan Greeleys Road
Dawsons Run
Delaneys Road Civic 8-74 (even numbers only)
Dennis Road
Dicks Lane
Dicks Place
Donnybrook Road
Doris Place
Dougs Place
Dunns Hill Road
Dunns Lane
Easons Road
Elliotts Place
Erica Avenue
Fire Hill Crescent
Flats Road
Fleetside Road
Foxtrap Access Road Civic 309-409
Free Mason Square
Gerald Rideouts Road
Glebe Road
Goldrock Run
Goldust Place
Greeley Gardens
Greeleytown Road
Greenslades Place
Greenslades Road
Greslet Place
Haddons Place
Haggetts Turn
Harolds Place
Herder Place
Hickory Place
Invermore Place
Island View Lane
Jackie Place
Jakes Lane
Jetta Place
Jill Drive
Jimmy Drive
Johnson Place
Jones Lane
Jumass Place
Junco Place
Karat Close
Kerry Avenue
Kinglet Way
Leewood Place
Leisure Lane
Levis Place
Lockes Road
Lodge Road
Lucas Way
Madar Place
Malibu Place
Marions Garden
Marthas Place
Matthews Place
Maywood Place
Michelangelo Place
Minerals Crescent
Minerals Road
Misty Lane
Mountain View Road
Nettab Drive
Noseworthys Lane
Nova Place
Oakes Lane
Oceanview Place
Oceanview Road
Palladium Place
Pandora Drive
Park Place
Pattys Arm Road
Peachytown Road Civic 5-231 (Odd Only)
Peacock Place Civic 10-70 (Even Only)
Perrins Road
Pine Marsh Road
Ploughman Place
Pocket Road
Pomeroy Place
Poppys Lane
Pottles Lane
Raven Place
Readers Hill Crescent
Readers Hill Road
Red Fern Lane
Redwood Place
Remembrance Square
Ric-car Drive
Richwood Crescent
Rideouts Road
Rocky Place
Salem Place
Sawmill Road
Searles Place
Seymour Place
Shamrock Place
Simpson Place
Smiths Place
Stanleys Road
Steadybrook Road
Steep Nap Road
Stoney Lane
Sylvia Place
Talcville Road
Terminal Road
Timberfold Place
Tinsley Place
Tobins Place
Tobins Road
Townsview Place
Troy Place
Villa Nova Road
Wareham Estates
Watton Place
Wheatfield Place
Wildwood Subdivision
Willies Place
Windy Cove Lane
Yorkshire Road
Zircon Place

Ava Place
Barnacle Road
Bayview Heights
Bessos Road
Big Rock Place
Britanolia Place
Brockweir Place
Bryor Place
Buckleys Path
Burdrew Place
Butlers Road North
Butlers Road South
Carja Avenue
Cedarcrest Place
Chateau Avenue
Clover Lane
Cluneys Road
Conception Bay Highway Civic 519-913 and Civic 514-964
Craigs Lane
Cronins Place
CurDen Place
Dannic Place
Delaneys Road Civic 7-49 (Odd numbers only)
Dominion Place
Eagle River Drive
Emerald Creek Drive
Emmas Place
Fagans Road
Farmland Lane
Fenwood Place
Finch Place
Foxtrap Access Road Excluding Civic 309-409, includes everything else
Foxwood Drive
Franks Road
Freedom Heights
Golden Road
Graham Mifflen Drive
Granite Place
Green Way
Grove Gardens
Gully Pond Place
Gully Pond Road
Harveys Path
Heidi Crescent
Hemlock Place
Hennesseys Place
Hibernia Place
Hynes Road
Jamie Murphy Place
Jeffers Lane
Jennings Place
Jerathon Place
Jobs Road
Joshwill Crescent
Julia Place
Juniper Place
Kadan Place
Kelliview Avenue
Kelliview Crescent
Kimbar Drive
Lander Estates
Lazarus Lane
LeDrews Road
Legion Road Civic 3-107 (Odd Only)
Lexington Place
Lincoln Place
Long Shore Road
Maple Oak Path
Marios Street
Marsh Road
Marvel Place
McCutcheons Road
Mercedes Court
Michael Place
Middle Bight Road
Middle Ridge
Middle Ridge Access
Midway Access
Millicent Place
Monarch Place
Nolan Place
Nugents Place
Ocean Breeze Place
Ollerweg Heights
Parsons Place
Patricks Place
Peachytown Access
Peachytown Road Civic 18-232 (Even Only)
Peacock Place Civic 13-63 (Odd Only)
Pennells Road
Pierceys Lane
Pine Tree Road
Pond Road
Red Bridge Road
Reginalds Place
Rockdale Place
Rosebud Place
Sage Place
Scenic Place
Sheridan Avenue
Skylark Place
Slate Place
St. Edwards Road
Station Road
Sundial Place
Sunrise Avenue
Sutton Place
Taylors Lane
Thistles Road
Tildacane Place
Tilleys Road North
Tilleys Road South
Tundra Place
Venice Heights
Walshs Road
Wettlaufer Road
White Bear Lane
Williams Way
Wisemans Lane
Woodgrove Acres

Agustus Avenue
Allison Road
Andrews Road
Angler Place
Anthonys Road
Aprils Lane
Ashapple Way
Ashwood Place
Beacon Place
Belcarra Place
Birchmount Place
Birchy Hollow
Calvin Manor Road
Caseys Road
Cemetery Road
Chatwood Crescent
Coates Road
Cole Thomas Drive
Comerfords Road
Conception Bay Highway Civic 913-1851 and Civic 964-1890
Courtell Heights
Craig Newman Way
Daniels Crescent
Daniels Road
Dawes Hill Road
Dawes Place
Decima Place
Dominic Drive
Dowdens Road
Doyles Road
Farmers Access Road
Fiddler Drive
Fogerty Avenue
Forest Road
Garden Place
Garden Road
Garrett Street
Gateway Drive
Gerald Cousins Road
Greenridge Place
Hands Road
Heritage Road
Hibbs Road
Hillside Place
Holloway Place
Hopewell Gardens
Indian Pond Drive
Indian Pond Estates
Indian Pond Place
Israel Place
Jasmine Place
Kennedys Road
Kingsway Drive
Lance Cove Road
Larch Grove Place
Larch Grove Road
Lawrence Pond Road
Lawrence Pond Road East
Lawrence Pond Road West
Lears Road
Legion Road Civic 8-102 (Even Only)
Lions Housing Road
Lushs Road
MacGuire Place
MacMar Lane
Manor Side Place
Maureen Crescent
Maya Place
McCourt Close
Mission Road
Mitchview Estates
Morgans Road
Morgansville Place
Mulberry Place
Nichol Avenue
Oaken Drive
Penstock Place
Pettens Road
Piccos Road
Porters Road
Quiet Way
Red Oake Place
Reubens Lane
River Lane
Roberts Road North
Roberts Road South
Rockview Road
Ronald Drive
Samuel Drive
Scarlet Place
Scotts Lane North
Scotts Road North
Scotts Road South
Seal Cove Road
Seaspray Crescent
Seaview Place
Shady Lane
Shetland Place
Snelgrove Place
Soper Place
St. Peters Road
Stagehead Road
Strattus Place
Tamara Place
Timber Place
Upper Gullies Elementary Road
Upshall Place
Valley Brook Place
Villas Way
Warfords Road
Waterside Place
Winterberry Street
Woodview Place

Frequently Asked Questions

No. If you work for the council, you cannot run as a councillor. Furthermore, as a town clerk, manager or department head (including fire chief) you are not eligible to request a leave of absence. If you are a volunteer fire chief you can request a leave of absence.

No. If you work for the council, even on a temporary basis, you cannot run as a councillor unless you request a leave of absence. You may request a leave of absence from your position in order to run for council and then resume employment if you are unsuccessful.

No, you are not qualified to be a candidate if you owe taxes or other charges to that municipality.

It depends. If you are operating as an unincorporated business entity and you are personally accountable for the amounts owed, you cannot run as a candidate. If you are an owner of a corporation you will not be disqualified to run as a candidate since corporations are a separate legal entity.

Yes. The proposer, seconder and candidate should all be present to sign the nomination form in the presence of the Returning Officer. Where a candidate is unable to be present for their nomination, one of the proposers may sign a special nomination form on the candidate’s behalf in front of the Returning Officer.

No. The nomination list will be available within 7 days after the nominations have closed. A candidate may remove their name before the nominations are closed and that information will not be released.

Whether or not someone is an ordinarily resident will depend on: whether they live and sleep in the municipality; whether they intend to return to the municipality when they are absent; and whether their family resides in the municipality. These are all factors that need to be considered when determining whether someone is ordinarily resident. Additionally, a person may only have one place of residency for the purposes of running as a candidate.

Please note that the Returning Officer has the sole discretion to determine whether a person has satisfied the required residency requirements.

Yes. The same residency considerations as detailed above need to be considered for voting, as well as running as a candidate.

Yes, if they meet the required residency requirements. However, a student has to choose where to vote as they are only allowed to vote in either the municipality where the student is residing while at school or in the municipality where the family home is located, but not in both.

If you are already a registered voter, specific identification may not be required. However, you should confirm this with the Returning Officer.
If you are not registered as a voter, you will likely be required to show satisfactory proof of your identification and residency.

No.  Proxy voting will not be available during the 2021 Municipal Election. Registered voters are encouraged to avail of the mail-in ballot option.

Yes, if you are incapacitated and unable to vote on your own, or need special voting arrangements due to your personal situation, please make this known to the Returning Officer or Deputy Returning Officer, who will provide assistance through an election official or through the person accompanying you.

No. Sequential numbering should be found on a counterfoil, which should be separated from the ballot prior to depositing the completed ballot into the ballot box. Therefore, there should be no way to connect the completed ballot to the voter.

An Alternate Returning Officer should only perform tasks when the Returning Officer cannot undertake their duties. Both officers should never be acting simultaneously.

After taking an oath or affirmation, agents can start their duties. Agents are allowed to observe the election activity and be present at the counting of the votes. Agents can also view the voter’s list, ask for the affirmation or oath of a voter, object to a specific voter, confirm that the ballot box is empty before the voting begins, examine ballots, object to a specific ballot and be present at a recount.

No. Agents cannot campaign or distribute campaign materials (physically or electronically (e.g., using social media) at the polling station or within 30 meters of the polling station, and must remain respectful to all voters, the electoral process, the Returning Officer and all other election officials. This includes not distributing election results until the results are officially declared by the Returning Officer.

No, the Returning Officer does not have to wait for a candidate or an agent in order to start counting the ballots. The candidate has the right to be present or have an agent present during the counting but it is the candidate’s responsibility to have a presence at each polling station that they wish to be observed. A candidate may appoint one agent per polling station.

A term of office shall begin within two weeks of being elected. Note that before starting a term of office a councillor must be sworn-in.

The Returning Officer has the authority to do the swearing-in. A Clerk, Provincial Court Judge, Justice of the Peace and Commissioner for Oaths may also swear-in newly elected/acclaimed councillors.

The Town Clerk or Returning Officer shall call a meeting within fourteen days of the election.

All contributions of money, goods or services received by a candidate with a value of over $100 (or another amount if prescribed in a municipality’s regulations) must be declared and counted by a candidate when reporting on campaign contributions received. Candidates must submit campaign contribution reports within 90 days of the election, and the reports will be made available to the public for inspection.

Any goods or services contributed to a campaign in-kind, such as printing, signage, office space and advertising need to be included by candidates when reporting on campaign contributions, depending on their total value. To value any goods or services received, one must use the equivalent lowest market value of the goods or services received as if they were sold. Please note that personal time and services donated are not meant to be captured.

A petition detailing the alleged complaint needs to be presented to the provincial court within 30 days of when the election (or alleged action) occurred in order for the matter to be reviewed by the court.

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