Library Project Moving Forward

Library Project Moving Forward

July 4, 2019

Conception Bay South Library Project Moving Forward

The Town of Conception Bay South advises that the first onsite activity required to support construction of a new public library has been completed. The Town, in partnership with the Provincial Government and the Provincial Information and Library Resources Board, aim to see significant progress made towards the design and engineering phase of this project this year.

“Protecting the financial interests of the Town is a key priority for Council. To better understand the geotechnical conditions at the site of the new structure, which will be attached to the Recreation Complex in Remembrance Square, we contracted a track mounted geotechnical drill rig to drill boreholes. Data from this study will help provide higher confidence cost estimates associated with the construction of the foundation,” said Mayor French.

It is expected that companies will be asked to bid on the first major contract associated with the development of the library over the summer. The Town has been meeting with external advisors to determine the optimal contracting model for this work.

“The addition of a new public library will certainly be another valued asset to our Town and will continue to build Conception Bay South as a family-oriented community. I would like to thank the Provincial Information and Library Resources Board and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development for their support. We are very excited to see this project proceed, and we look forward to working with the local and provincial board to better understand their needs prior to the design being finalized,” said Mayor French.

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