Introducing King Stink and Garbatron!

Introducing King Stink and Garbatron!

The Town of Conception Bay South recently concluded a contest aimed at engaging Grade 4 students in civic participation. The initiative invited these young minds to name two of the Town’s garbage trucks. On Friday, May 10, 2024, to conclude Municipal Awareness Week, the Town proudly announced the winning names chosen by the students: “King Stink” and “Garbatron.”

The contest aimed to foster student creativity while strengthening the connection between the municipal government and its youngest residents. Mayor Darrin Bent highlighted the importance of involving students in municipal affairs: “Involving students is about showing young people that the municipal sector is an important and fun place to work and allowing them to be part of decision-making. They’ve met the challenge with great interest and enthusiasm.”

The winning classes were rewarded with a well-deserved pizza party, and recently, the names were installed with decals on the garbage trucks. Now, these trucks proudly roam the streets of Conception Bay South, displaying the names chosen by the community’s future leaders.

Two Town garbage trucks displaying name decals on their sides: Garbatron and King Stink

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