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Ice Safety Reminders from the CBS Fire Department

Ice Safety Reminders from the CBS Fire Department

Because no ice surface is without some risk, ensure you become ice aware and take all necessary precautions before you venture out. The recommended minimum depth for activities on new, clear, hard ice is:

Ice Depth Activity
7 cm (3 in) or less STAY OFF
10cm (4 in) ice fishing, walking, cross country skiing
12cm (5 in) one snowmobile or ATV
20-30cm (8-12 in) one car or small pickup
30-38cm (12-15 in) one medium truck (pickup or van)

For cold water immersion survival, remember the 1-10-1 Principle.

All times are variable & dependent on the temperature of the water.

1 – One minute to gain control of your breathing
10 – You may have 10 minutes of meaningful movement to perpetuate self-rescue.
1 – You may have 1 hour before becoming hypothermic and losing consciousness.

If you break though:

  • Do not panic. Your clothing will trap air and keep you buoyant.
  • Turn towards the direction you came from and place your hands and arms flat on the unbroken surface.
  • Kick your feet and try to push yourself up on top of the unbroken ice on your stomach, like a seal.
  • Once you are lying on the ice, don’t stand up. Roll away from the break until you are on solid ice.

If your partner breaks through:

  • Stay calm and think out a solution.
  • Don’t run up to the hole. You might break through and then you’ll both need help.
  • Use an item to throw or extend to your friend to pull them out of the water – if you don’t have a rope, improvise with items such as jumper cables, skis, etc.
  • If you can’t rescue your friend immediately, call 911.

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Ice Water Safety
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PHOTO – February 26, 2020 – Members the Conception Bay South Fire Department, Rover’s Ground Search and Rescue, Central Avalon Ground Search and Rescue, Avalon T’Railway Corporation, Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and Royal Canadian Mounted Police came together to reenact the rescue of a victim from a partially frozen body of water at Worsley Park. The rescue demonstration brought awareness to ATV ice safety and cold water immersion survival, with an important reminder to all: ice is never truly safe.
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