Automated Waste

Automated waste collection is coming to Conception Bay South. This means that garbage carts will be emptied using a mechanical arm on a garbage truck, eliminating the need for workers to lift and haul garbage. It’s a safer, smarter, and cleaner way to collect garbage! The program will be phased in over 3 years. Only residents in Phase 1 will receive automated waste collection this fall. At this time, the program does not include recycling, and only applies to garbage.

Guideline Booklet


For more details, please watch the video below.

Are you in Phase 1? 
Click on the image below and then enter your address in the top left-hand corner. If your address appears in a shaded region, then you are in Phase 1. If your address does not appear in a shaded region, then you are not in Phase 1. For the most efficient use of this map, please ensure your mobile device has the latest software update. 

About the Carts

• Each household or residential unit in Phase 1 will receive a garbage cart from the Town in October, along with full details on the program.
• The Town-supplied carts must be used for automated waste collection – they are electronically tagged to help the Town manage cart inventory, verify the correct address for misplaced carts, and record the maintenance and replacement history of individual carts.
• There is an annual cart fee of $20, which will be applied to residential property tax bills. Carts belong to the property, not the property owner. If a resident moves, they must leave their cart behind.
• The cart can fit 4 to 6 full garbage bags. Please place your garbage in regular sized garbage bags. Loose garbage or garbage in small bags might get stuck in the cart or blow away during the dumping process.
• The carts are equipped with a handle and two large wheels for easy maneuvering. They are weighted at the bottom, while remaining easy to be rolled to the end of a driveway. The carts are capable of withstanding 96 km/hr winds. Similar to today’s waste collection, if there is extreme weather, such as high winds or a snow storm, garbage and recycling collection for that day may be postponed to a new date.

Proper Placement of Carts

1. Place garbage bags in the cart with the lid fully closed. On your garbage day, wheel your cart to the edge of the sidewalk/curb or to the roadside. Once your garbage has been collected, please roll your cart back to its proper storage place. 

2. The arrow on the cart lid must
point toward the street.

3. Leave at least 1 metre (3 feet) of space between your cart and any obstacles, like parked cars, poles, recycling bags, other carts, or snow banks. 

Additional Guidelines

• In the winter, please don’t place carts near snow banks or on the road. Ensure 1 metre of spacing between your cart and any obstructions at all times.
• On your garbage collection day, parking is not permitted on the street from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., or until collection in your area is completed.
• Regular maintenance of your cart will be completed by the Town, when necessary. Do not make any alternations to your cart as this will void the warranty. Carts that are lost, stolen or improperly cared for will be replaced at the property owner’s expense. Please make note of the serial number on your cart for future reference.
• There is no change to your garbage and recycling collection days. Recycling should be separated into transparent, blue bags (1 for paper and 1 for containers), and placed at least 1 metre (3 feet) away from your cart.
• Existing garbage boxes must be removed from the end of your property approximately 30 days after the start of automated waste collection. The Town will provide a free garbage box removal program for Phase 1 residents at this time.
• Please consider re-purposing your current garbage box. Consider using a wooden box as wood for a wood stove or as a backyard storage container for toys or wood. A plastic garbage box could be used to collect rain for your garden. There’s lots of ways to reuse!

Benefits of Automated Waste Collection

• Reduces the potential for workplace injury and reduces the Town’s occupational health and safety costs.
• Promotes recycling through a reduced bag limit per household, which results in lower landfill costs to the Town (it costs 3 times more in fees to bring waste to the landfill than to bring recycling!).
• Reduces litter, as well as rodent and pest problems.
• Reduces waste going to the landfill, which in turn reduces the volume of greenhouse gases produced.


  1. Automated Waste Modification Form
  2. Automated Waste Additional Cart Form
  3. Garbage Box / Container Collection Form


Please contact Engineering and Public Works at 834-6500 ext. 301 or with any additional questions you have about the program. You can also find the the updated Residential Waste Regulations here.

The Town would like to thank all residents who provided feedback on the automated waste survey in preparation for the program roll-out. To view the survey results, please click here.