What is the Discretionary Use Process?

In any use classification under the Town’s Development regulations, for each zone there are permitted uses and discretionary uses.

Permitted uses are those which, as long as the applicant meets the minimum standards of the development regulations, must be approved

Discretionary Uses are those whose use, though complimentary to the zoning of a given area, may be of a sensitive nature to abutting uses.  Therefore, a discretionary use application is subject to public notification per Section 4.14 of the Town’s Development Regulations, comment and consideration by Planning Committee. This ensures appropriate development occurs in a given area balancing the objectives of an applicant with the greater public good.

If your application is determined to be a Discretionary Use for your zone, then payment of the Discretionary Use fee is required (in lieu of processing fee, see most recent Schedule of Rates and Fees) to initiate the 14-day public notice period. The Town will send notice to property owners within 100 metre radius of the property, as well as post notice in the local paper and on its website for two weeks, to allow the public to submit comments.

At the close of the notice period, staff and Council will consider all responses as part of the review of the application. If no representations are received, Council has provided directive to the Planning Department to approve the use at their discretion. The application may be refused, approved, or approved with conditions. The applicant will be sent a letter outlining Council’s decision. If approved, the file will return to normal processing queue, and any further standard requirements, fees and securities will apply.

For more information, contact planning@conceptionbaysouth.ca or 834-6500 ext. 401.