What is the application and approval process to start a hobby farm on my residential property? (urban agriculture such as keep backyard poultry, etc).

As the Town has grown, Council has worked hard to balance the needs of a community with a mix of urban and rural uses.   Currently the Town does not have explicit policies relating to urban or home-based agriculture, including but not limited to the keeping and boarding of backyard chickens. However, the Town is working continuously with stakeholders and residents to formulate policy to best serve the residents of Conception Bay South.

Most property development in the Town will require a permit, including agricultural uses. Agriculture is defined by the Town’s Development Regulations, as:

“2.6 Agriculture means horticulture, fruit growing, grain growing, seed growing, dairy farming, the keeping, breeding or rearing of livestock, including any creature kept for the production of food, wool, skins, or fur, or for the purpose of its use in the farming of land, the use of land as grazing land, meadow land, market gardens and nursery grounds and the use of land for woodlands where that use is ancillary to the farming of land for any other purpose. For the purposes of these regulations, agriculture also includes the keeping or boarding of horses.”

In some residential Zones (R-1, R-2, REL), Agriculture is permitted as a Discretionary Use.  To start the process, submit the Development Application form with a property survey or plot plan outlining your proposed use. If your property is zoned where agricultural uses are Discretionary, then the application will follow the Discretionary Use process. For more information on the Discretionary Use Process, please read FAQ here. At the end of this process, the applicant will be sent a letter outlining Council’s decision (refusal, approval, approval with conditions) and the application will return to the normal processing queue.

Any further standard fees, securities, and requirements, such as for construction of accessory buildings (barn, coop), fences, etc., will apply.

It is recommended that you have a conversation with the Development Control Coordinator regarding any proposed development you are considering. For more information, contact planning@conceptionbaysouth.ca or 834-6500 ext. 401.