How do I get a copy of a property survey?

Surveys are often required by the Department of Community Development in order to process applications. These files are confidential and due to privacy laws, the Department is unable to disclose an applicant’s personal information. Further, as this information is provided by an applicant, the Town cannot guarantee its accuracy or whether it reflects the current conditions of a property.

If you do not have a copy of the deed from when you purchased your property/home, the Provincial Registry of Deeds has registered property documents, such as property conveyances including surveys. They have public records in digital and hard copies form, depending on the age of the document.

If you have previously submitted a survey to the Department and the property is still in your name, the Department can complete a Property Information search. Note that information requests beyond a 24 month period may require a fee of $50 per hour, or a minimum fee of $100.

Contact a Planning Clerk at 834-6500 ext. 401 or to discuss.