Trail Etiquette

Trail Etiquette

Conception Bay South has over 20 km of trails that are part of the grand concourse authority network of trails. Please do your part to make the trails enjoyable for everyone.

Trail Etiquette – Cyclists 

  1. Be considerate of other users when using our trail systems. Using a bell or saying “on the left” gives users a chance to react for a safe pass.
  1. Keep a reasonable pace. These are routes meant for casual rides or active transportation.
  1. Pay attention. Slow down in busy areas or where there are commonly slow-moving trail users.

Trail Etiquette – Trail Users

  • Be aware of other users. Occasionally glance forward and backwards and listen for other users or approaching cyclists.
  1. Allow space to pass. Walk on the right-hand side of the trail. If walking in a group, make a line when faster users approach.
  1. Consider the shared route as a roadway for bicycles and other trail users. Cyclists are often hyper-alert but inevitably will be moving faster than other users.

Additional Information

  • The T’Railway is not for motorized vehicle use.
  • Do not park cars in front of walking trail entrances. This may impede emergency vehicles, should they need to get access to trailways.
  • Pet owners are asked to please clean up after their pets. There are many garbage receptacles along the trails to help keep our community clean.

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