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Parks Commission

Parks Commission

The Conception Bay South Parks Commission is dedicated to preserving, enhancing, and beautifying publicly held land in the town. Their Check out their member organizations below for more information on who they are, what they do, and how you can get involved. 

The Country Garden Club of Conception Bay South has been busy planting seeds and helping grow our community for many decades. 

• Club Members usually meet once a month at Worsley Park and have guest speakers or in-house talent cover garden related topics.
• Scheduled garden visits are held throughout the town once a week each summer, providing members an opportunity to view the community’s many hidden gems.  
• Popular garden planting locations include Kity Aides Turn, the Monument of Honour, Worsley Park, and several beds near the entrance to the Recreation Complex and the Town Hall.

Get Involved!
For more info about the Club, please e-mail the President, Gen at genevievep11@gmail.com or Susan at susansaunders@nl.rogers.com.


The Conception Bay South Community Garden launched in the summer of 2019. A group of dedicated residents came together to form the CBS Community Garden Steering Committee, and within six weeks the Gateway Community Garden was up and running. By the end of the first growing season, it was clear that the garden was a huge success. The community came together to celebrate at the year-end harvest festival, which fed hundreds of community members fresh produce from the year’s yield.

Since then, the volunteers have kept busy. The Gateway Community Garden increased grew in size and opened a portion garden beds to be leased by residents and community groups. They installed a stage and outdoor classroom, a rustic heritage fence, and planted over 20 trees in the area.

In 2020, the CBS Community Garden partnered with Manuels River and the Rotary Club of Avalon Northeast to launch the Manuels River Garden. The Manuels River Garden is complete with a greenhouse, several garden beds, berry bushes, and a decorative archway. This garden is used by the community, as well as Manuels River for programming.

Get Involved!
If you would like to volunteer with the CBS Community Garden, there are many ways you can get involved. Join a watering team at the Gateway Garden or Manuels River Garden, drop by during one of the communal gardening days happening throughout the week, gather your interested friends and neighbours and apply to start a neighbourhood garden subcommittee, or  join their social media and participate in the conversation. 

CBS Community Garden Network 
CBS Community Garden 

The Kelligrews Ecological Enhancement Program (KEEP) was formed in 1999 as a non-profit, charitable, environmental, organization.  The founding members were concerned about protecting, preserving and conserving the watersheds of the Lower Gully and Kelligrews Rivers.

KEEP has undertaken many projects over the years, including designing the Kelligrews Trail (now called Gateway Trail), which encompasses the two rivers and the coastline; developing a boardwalk, trestle mural and an outdoor classroom on Pond Road; conducting environmental studies such as the Watershed Management Study, and producing educational resources like the Visual Field Guides for The Environment of Newfoundland and Labrador, which were distributed to all schools in the province. Furthermore, KEEP hosted fifteen Kelligrews Railway Folk Festivals to provide the community with historical, cultural and environmental information, as well as music by local entertainers.

As a coastal community, Conception Bay South is intertwined with the aquatic ecosystems that flow through and around the community. KEEP has worked diligently to protect and conserve these ecosystems, while bringing attention to major threats facing freshwater habitat today. 

Get Involved!
If you are interested in participating in a KEEP initiative, joining the program, or donating, please contact kelligrewseep@yahoo.ca.

KEEP Website

Chamberlains Park began in 1996, when a 16-acre plot of farmland was donated to the Town of Conception Bay South. This land was designated to be used as a community park, and in 2008, the Chamberlains Park Action Committee (CPAC) was formed by a group of dedicated volunteers, who were determined to transform the area. Since then, CPAC has worked with countless volunteers and organizations to install walking trails and boardwalks, as well as gardens, storyboards, picnic tables and park benches.

The park is a mix of forest, wetland and meadow, which provides great habitat for many different species of birds. There are several geocaches hidden throughout the area; and the rhododendron garden and grassy meadow make it the perfect location for a picnic!

Get Involved!
If you would like to volunteer with the Chamberlains Park Action Committee (CPAC) or to donate, please contact sdgavell@gmail.com.


Manuels River’s mission is to preserve and interpret the natural, cultural and geological history of Manuels River through the development of educational, recreational and conservation opportunities. They own and operate the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre, as well as maintain the Manuels River trail system. Manuels River is an internationally known site for fossilized trilobites, and they can be found in the shale beds along the lower section of the river. A variety of specimens are on display in the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre.

Manuels River’s fun and educational programming and events, combine with its world-class interpretation centre and trail system, to offer residents and visitors of Conception Bay South many enjoyable and accessible ways to interpret and experience the incredible natural environment that we call home.

Get Involved!
Manuels River has lots of exciting opportunities and initiatives that you can get involve with.  Contact them to learn more. 

Website – https://manuelsriver.ca/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ManuelsRiver/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/manuelsriver?lang=en
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/manuelsriver/?hl=en

The Rotary Club of Avalon Northeast serves the communities of Conception Bay South and Paradise. Over the past 20 years, the club has completed numerous local and international projects, including the Topsail Beach Rotary Park in Conception Bay South, and the new Manuels River Garden! With over 35 active members meeting weekly, this club continues to have an impact locally and around the world.

Current Projects
Check out the Facebook page below for an up-to-date look at what the club has going on!

Get Involved!
Rotary Club of Avalon Northeast is always looking for people to get involved, whether that’s by volunteering on a community project, joining a meeting, or by charitable donation. Check out the links below to connect with the club, and to see what projects they are working on! Weekly meetings are held at the Manuels River Interpretation Centre (or by Zoom) on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Rotary Avalon Northeast Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/RotaryClubOfAvalonNortheast/
Rotary Avalon Northeast – https://portal.clubrunner.ca/599

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