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ATV Committee

In 2018, the Town issued a call for Expressions of Interest for individuals to form the Conception Bay South ATV Advisory Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to provide information and advice to the Town on matters concerning ATV issues. The Committee will devise a plan, including recommendations for the potential development of safe, cost-effective, and manageable options for ATV enthusiasts. The Committee, made up of local ATV enthusiasts, has been in place since September 2018 and meets regularly in collaboration with Town staff and Council. 

ATV Committee Members
Vacant (Chair), Mitch Somers (Vice Chair), Kim Sutton (Secretary), Rick Nosewothy, Steve Butt, Doug Piercey, Harold Burke, Tanya Strickland, Chris Summers, Dean Newman, Justin Cochrane, Peter Welsman. Council Liaison: Councillor Paul Connors. Should you wish to reach out to the Committee, please email

Follow the activities of the Committee below by viewing the summary reports completed following each meeting.

ATV Pilot Project

The Town of Conception Bay South announced in its 2024 Budget Speech the initiation of a potential ATV pilot project, allowing all-terrain vehicles on specific town roads. The project aims to designate a route within the town as ATV-friendly, following similar initiatives by other towns across the province.

The first step in this process involves the development of the Town’s Recreational Vehicle Regulations, which are currently underway. Once the Regulations receive approval from Municipal and Provincial Affairs, public consultation on the proposed pilot project will be conducted. Community feedback will be used in making final decisions on the pilot project to permit legal ATV use on designated roads within Conception Bay South. Meanwhile, the Town is actively engaged in identifying potential roads for the project.

ATV Documents

A Crown Lands Application – License to Occupy, for an ATV route, was submitted in 2022. The application is currently registered and under review. The route can be viewed on the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Land Use Atlas. Feedback on this application can be e-mailed to, citing application #160169. 

Proposed ATV Route
1.1 MB Download
Economic Impacts of ATV Bypass
11.9 MB Download
ATV Master Meetings Minutes
324.3 KB Download
2022 Crown Lands Application
1.1 MB Download
2019 ATV Project Briefing
808.3 KB Download
2018 Budget seeks cooperative approach to address ATV trail project
355.3 KB Download
2014 ATV Bypass Summary Report
6 MB Download
2012 Trailway Development Plan
21.2 MB Download

ATV Staging Area

The ATV staging area is located in Seal Cove. It is infrastructure that the Town built in partnership with Avalon T’Railways, for recreational riders to be able to access designated riding trails in a safe and legal manner.


Contact Economic Development & Tourism

Call: 709-834-6500 ext. 702


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