Virtual Easter Camp – Day 1 – Arts and Crafts

Virtual Easter Camp – Day 1 – Arts and Crafts

05/04/2021 | All Day


Hoppy Easter Week!
The Town of Conception Bay South has planned an activity for each day, from April 5th until April 9th  for kids to enjoy from home, during Easter Break. Complete a craft, game, recipe, or an activity each day to celebrate Easter!

Activity of the Day: Arts and Crafts
Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

Have some fun while decorating Easter eggs, tie-dye style!

What you will need

  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Food Coloring
  • Paper Towel
  • Water spray bottle
  • Elastic Band
  • Small table fan

How to Make Tie-Dye Eggs

  • Place a cool and dry, hard-boiled egg in the center of a piece of paper towel.
  • Wrap the paper towel around the egg. Twist the top of the paper towel until it is tightly wrapped around the egg. Secure in place by tying an elastic band at the top.
  • Wearing gloves (it’s messy!) squeeze food coloring directly onto the paper towel wrapped egg (3 or 4 drops at a time). Important: Leave some white space between each color. Repeat until the egg is covered to your liking.
  • Using a spray bottle, gently spray a small amount of water into the center of each color. Spray until the color bleeds enough so there is no white space left. NOTE: the less water you use, the brighter the colors will be.
  • Squeeze the paper towel wrapped egg over the sink (gently!) to drain any access water. Even if there is no water, squeeze the egg to make sure the color transfers from the paper towel to the egg.
  • Place the eggs in a dish or on a tray, and put them in front of a small table fan. Allow them to dry for a couple of hours. If you do not have a fan, allow them to dry overnight.
  • When the paper towel is completely dry, remove and unwrap your Tie-Dyed Egg!

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