Dog Owners Reminded of Animal Control Regulations

Dog Owners Reminded of Animal Control Regulations

Pet owners are reminded of the Town’s Animal Control Regulations whereby dogs are prohibited to roam in town parks (less Sgt. Ned Nugent’s Dog Park), streets, playgrounds, trails, bodies of water within the town, or in any open space close to the above-mentioned areas.

The Town of Conception Bay South offers the following additional reminders:

  •  In outdoor areas, as people may encounter your pet without their consent, dogs must be kept on a leash in accordance with Town Regulations.
  • Always pick up after your pet.
  • Ensure your pet is registered with the Humane Services Department. This free service helps reunite missing pets with their owners as quickly as possible.
  • This time of year, it is very dangerous to leave an animal inside a car, even for just a few minutes. If you see an animal left inside a hot car, please contact Humane Services at 834-6552 or call the police at 729-8000.
  • Dogs can burn their paws on pavement. Be mindful of walking your pet on hot surfaces.

To learn more, please visit Pet Services

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