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Crosswalk Improvements – Conception Bay Highway / Easons Road Crosswalk

Crosswalk Improvements – Conception Bay Highway / Easons Road Crosswalk

The Town is currently working to improve safety measures at the Conception Bay Highway / Easons Road (Manuels River) crosswalk.  This location has been evaluated by Harbourside Transportation Consultants, and the installation of a new, pedestrian activated traffic light crosswalk was recommended, and is currently under design.  Once the project is designed, the Town is required to proceed to public tender.  It is anticipated that traffic light poles will take 6-9 months for supply and delivery, once the project has been awarded.

As a temporary measure, the Town will be working to improve signage and road markings to increase area safety. This will include:

  • Reflective marking on signage poles for increased visibility at night
  • Introduction of solid white lines between traffic lanes as you approach the crosswalk on both sides.  Vehicles are not permitted to pass over a solid white line.
  • Introduction of “Advance Yield to Pedestrian” markings.  This row of triangles gives advance warning to motorists as they approach a crosswalk.  “Yield to Pedestrians” signage will also be installed at the location of the Advance Yield to Pedestrian markings.
  • Digital message boards will also be temporarily placed to warn of the crosswalk.

The safety of pedestrians and motorists is the responsibility of everyone.  Please do your part to ensure this, and all areas of our Town can be enjoyed safely by all users. This project is being completed in coordination with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. As this roadway is under the Jurisdiction of this provincial department, all other concerns including speed limits, speed bumps, etc., should be directed to the provincial Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Crosswalk Safety Reminders

  • Pedestrians should not cross until all lanes of traffic have come to a complete stop
  • Use of the pedestrian underpass is recommended whenever possible
  • Motorists should reduce speed, and be vigilant of anyone using the crosswalk
  • Always obey all traffic control devices

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