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Main Lineemail834-6500
Enforcement Inquiriesemail834-6598
Humane Servicesemail834-6500 ext. 509
General Tax Inquiriesemail834-6500 ext. 201
Accounts Payableemail834-6500 ext. 211
Engineering and Public Works Inquiriesemail834-6500 ext. 301
Public Works Depotemail834-6500 ext. 351
Waste Collection Inquiriesemail834-6500 ext. 301
Snow Clearing Inquiriesemail834-6500 ext. 351
Water and Sewer Inquiriesemail834-6500 ext. 301
Planning/Building Inspectionsemail834-6500 ext. 401
Recreation and Leisure Servicesemail834-6500 ext. 601
Economic Development and Tourismemail834-6500 ext. 701
Fire Station One834-6500 ext. 801
Fire Station Two834-6542
Fire Inspections834-6500 ext. 805

Town Hall

Recreation Complex

Robert French Memorial Stadium


Fire Station 1

Fire Station 2

Public Works Depot