Conception Bay South Announces Progressive Housing Measures in 2024 Budget

Conception Bay South Announces Progressive Housing Measures in 2024 Budget

Conception Bay South presented its 2024 municipal budget last week, signaling a strategic move to become a key player in the development of essential affordable and rental housing options.

Mayor Darrin Bent expressed Council’s proactive stance, stating, “We are taking several steps to communicate to the industry, especially developers, that we are open for business and eager to contribute to the important solution for more inclusive housing. In Budget 2024, we are aligning ourselves with federal and provincial government initiatives.”

In a significant move to support development, Council announced the elimination of building permit fees in 2024 for all housing projects approved under federal and provincial affordable and rental housing programs. Furthermore, building permit fees for multi-unit developments will see a 50% reduction, promoting inclusivity in community planning. To get shovels in the ground faster, Council has directed Town staff to review policies to allow for faster development approvals.

“We have listened to our residents, especially seniors seeking to downsize their homes or those in search of affordable options, and we are taking action. We believe we are positioned to be an integral part of the housing solution in the coming years and are ready to work with developers to make this a reality,” said Mayor Bent.

Conception Bay South’s 2024 budget maintains a balanced fiscal approach, with targeted investments in replacing essential capital equipment and a limited number of strategic investments intended to facilitate growth.

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