Community Park

Community Park

The Town of Conception Bay South has an inclusive community park in its downtown area, along the Inner Long Pond Harbour. The Community Park features Newfoundland and Labrador’s first combination refrigerated outdoor rink plus splash pad. At over 11,000 square feet, it is one of the province’s largest inclusive play areas. The park has a washroom and change room facilities, walking trails, a performance stage, and lighting. 

The community park is located at 20 Bishops Road, where motorists will also find a parking lot. The overflow parking lot is located at 196-202 Conception Bay Highway.

Hours of Operation
Daily from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Splash Pad 
Closed for the 2023 season.

Skating Rink
Coming soon! Check back for updates. 

  • All participants use at own risk.
  • No running or rough play permitted.
  • No food or drink allowed on the splash pad.
  • Children ten and under must be supervised by an adult.
  • Swim diapers must be worn, no regular diapers permitted.
  • No glass containers or products.
  • No animals are permitted within splash pad area.
  • No bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, etc. permitted on the splash pad.
  • Do not climb or hang on equipment.
  • Persons violating any rules or instructions from staff may lose access privileges.
  • Do not drink splash pad water. It is recycled and treated but not for consumption.

  • Maximum of 50 users on the ice at a time.
  • CSA-approved helmets should be worn while skating.
  • Skates must be worn on the ice at all times. 
  • No more than two people can join hands while skating; chain skating is not permitted. 
  • No eating or drinking on the ice surface.
  • Do not use phones or hand-held devices while skating. 
  • Strollers, sleds, chairs, dogs, and carry-children on the ice are not permitted.
  • Skating should be done in a forward, counter-clockwise direction; no backward or figure skating. 
  • Users should skate at an appropriate speed. 
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption is not permitted at this facility. 
  • Skaters should not loiter in areas that could block major flow. 
  • Adult supervision is recommended for children ten and under. 
  • Users are not permitted on the surface when ice maintenance is ongoing.
  • Use at your own risk. The Town of Conception Bay South is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury from this facility. 

Given the park’s facilities, such as an accessible playground, splash pad, etc., it is expected that this park will attract residents to the area.  The Town will monitor and respond accordingly as needed.

Professional consultants involved through different phases of the park design have considered the necessary evaluation of environment conditions. This may include sea level rise, precipitation events, and development of the park in accordance with environmental guidelines.

As part of Phase 2 development, a Land Use Impact Assessment Report was completed to identify any additional measures that could be considered in the medium to long-term planning horizons, to address potential issues with future climate change, including coastal erosion. This will help ensure the continued enjoyment of the park by future generations, while also realizing the Town’s objective to create green, environmentally friendly spaces.

This park has been funded jointly by the federal government ($1 million), the provincial government ($1 million) and the Town of Conception Bay South ($2.3 million). The total amount budgeted for the construction of the park is approximately $4.3 million.

In 2016, this property was purchased by the Town for $953,075.

It is anticipated that noise and disruption would not exceed that of other family parks within our town. A park of this nature will be used by many residents, so typical noise from visitors at the splash pad, ice surface or on playground equipment can be expected. Any special activities or events at the park will adhere to the policies and regulations set out by the Town.

Certainly! Here’s a more concise version with the requested changes:

Flat Terrain: Our park features a flat and seamless terrain, ensuring easy mobility for everyone, including those with strollers or mobility aids.

Accessible Playground Equipment: Carefully selected and strategically placed playground equipment with rubber surfacing accommodates various physical abilities, fostering inclusive play for all.

Inclusive Swing Equipment: Specially designed swings cater to diverse needs, including harness-equipped swings for additional support.

Community Engagement: We remain open to hearing your thoughts and incorporating community feedback to ensure continuous improvement in inclusivity, making the park a welcoming space for all. Please e-mail us your ideas and opinions at


Contact Recreation & Leisure Services 
Call: 709-834-6500 ext. 601


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