Community Park Development Progressing Forward with Sights on Environmental Sustainability

Community Park Development Progressing Forward with Sights on Environmental Sustainability

The Town of Conception Bay South has reached another important milestone in the completion of the Community Park development. Council has approved the Land Use Impact Assessment Report (LUIAR) for Phase 2 of the Community Park Development.  This review offers guidance and mitigative measures, to ensure the longevity and integrity of the Park for the future, while minimizing environmental impacts.  Accordingly, construction and tendering are now ready to proceed, to move one step closer to the completion of construction at this site.

The LUIAR provided insight on potential coastal flooding, storm surge events, and erosion at the Community Park, and provided mitigations to be completed during Phase 2 of development, as well as additional medium, and long-term recommendations.  While no significant concerns were found, the Town will look at implementing all recommendations to safeguard the infrastructure and environment of the area.

“The development of an inclusive, family, community park has been a priority of Council, and ensuring this infrastructure will benefit residents of our Town for years to come is incredibly important,” said Mayor Terry French. “The Land Use Impact Assessment Report for this site provides a roadmap for immediate, medium, and long-term mitigations, to create a sustainable, and environmentally friendly site. We are eager to be able to open this beautiful park for our residents and visitors of Conception Bay South, and are pleased that the ongoing development will be done in a way that is environmentally responsible”.

During Phase 2 development, the following are some of the measures to be incorporated to promote site integrity:

  • Creating optimal grades for ideal drainage of surfaces around the park and shoreline near the stage.
  • Addition of further vegetation throughout the site for soil stabilization.
  • Continued use of materials that are resistant to erosion.
  • Placement of the key infrastructure at elevations well above the level of recent storm surge events.

Medium and long term mitigative measures identified in the report include maintenance of existing wetlands, increased amour stone along the shoreline, additional vegetation, and further stabilization of the Long Pond Breakwater.


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