Celebrating Years of Dedication: Long-Service Awardees

Celebrating Years of Dedication: Long-Service Awardees

In an important announcement at the Public Council Meeting on December 5, 2023, the Town of Conception Bay South honoured its dedicated employees through its Long Service Awards. With esteemed recognition from the Mayor, Councillors, and the public in attendance, the employees were awarded for their roles in shaping our community. The awards presentation not only acknowledged employees’ dedicated years of service but also celebrated a collective journey toward making the town a better place for all.

In addition, Councillor Gerard Tilley was awarded for his 12 years of municipal service, on behalf of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Department of Municipal and Provincial Affairs. 

2023 Long Service Awards

 10 Years:

  • Stephanie Metcalfe
  • Patricia Beason
  • Cody Hayden
  • John Dower
  • Cynthia Piercey
  • Jennifer Norris

15 Years:

  • Bradley Fagan
  • Joseph Abbott
  • Hubert Pike
  • Michael Gosse
  • Craig Duke
  • Timothy Perrin
  • Jennifer Whitty
  • Patrick Coffey
  • Brad Fraser
  • Travis Chaulk

20 Years:

  • Jonathan O’Connor
  • Andre Whitty
  • Jody Fifield

25 Years:

  • Terri-Lynn Cooper
  • Liz Davis

35 Years:

  • Terry Butler
  • Ross Dawe

2023 Retirees:

  • Peter Nugent
  • Robert Baird
  • Terry Butler
  • Ross Dawe


  • Councillor Gerard Tilley, 12 Years of Service


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