­­­February 13, 2019

Conception Bay South Fire Department Donates Lifesaving Equipment to Town of Riverhead

The Conception Bay South Fire Department is lending a helping hand by donating 14 aluminum cylinders, valued at approximately $3,850, to the Riverhead Volunteer Fire Department.

The cylinders provide spare breathing air to firefighters carrying out front-line duties in atmospheres immediately dangerous to life and health.

“We are very glad that we can help provide a safe working environment to first responders. Anytime we find ourselves in the position to share resources, especially when those resources contribute to the safety of frontline first responders, we are happy to do so. It’s a win-win situation,” said Mayor Terry French, Conception Bay South. “Regional cooperation, and working together with other municipalities for the benefit of all communities, is very important.”

In 2015, the Conception Bay South Fire Department purchased new equipment to increase breathing capacity from 30 minutes to one hour. The consistent growth of the Town resulted in the need for increased firefighting capacity, and warranted the purchase of new equipment.

In 2017, a Disposal of Assets Tender was called by the Town and no bids were received. While this equipment was no longer needed, Council decided it would be a great idea to donate the used equipment, which would make a major improvement to a smaller department.

“The Town of Riverhead is grateful for the donation of the 14 self-contained breathing apparatus cylinders for our fire department. They will be of great benefit to them and the communities they serve,” said Mayor Sheila Lee, Town of Riverhead.

As a thank-you for the equipment, the Town of Riverhead donated $500 to the CBS-Paradise Food Bank on behalf of the Town of Conception Bay South.

In 2018, the Conception Bay South Fire Department made a similar donation, providing eight sets of self-contained breathing apparatuses and 16 aluminum cylinders to the St. Shott’s Volunteer Fire Department.

Photo (L-R): Mayor Terry French, Councillor Gerard Tilley, Councillor Cheryl Davis, Mary Butler, on behalf of the CBS / Paradise Food Bank, Riverhead Fire Chief Earle Kielly, Riverhead Warden Wayne Corcoran, Councillor Darrin Bent, Councillor Christine Butler, and Conception Bay South Fire Chief John Heffernan.