Green Team Employment

Green Team Employment

Position: Full Time

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Green Team will be working with the partners of the CBS Parks Commission on a variety of projects throughout the summer. They will assist Manuels River Natural Heritage Society with property maintenance and clean up; gardening activities; trail maintenance and other activities as needed. The Team will assist the Chamberlains Park Action Committee with trail repair, maintenance and construction, widening, installation of floating bases, research and design for storyboards and other activities as required. The Team will assist the CBS Community Garden by tidying and maintaining the garden grounds, assembling an outdoor classroom and stage area, constructing pea fences and garden decorations as well as prepping a location for the new neighbourhood garden.

All Teams will conduct a minimum of five Environmental Awareness Events or Activities, which may involve planning and public (or virtual) speaking on a variety of topics. *IMPORTANT NOTE: All duties, activities and regulations are subject to change pending funding and public health protocols/recommendations. *

Deadline: Wednesday May 27, 2020.

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