The Tree Lighting Ceremony has been postponed to Sunday, December 5 from 4:00-5:00 pm. While temperatures and precipitation are favorable for Saturday, the high winds pose a risk for event setup and equipment. The forecast for Sunday is predicting lower winds. We hope to see you at the CBS Town Hall, 11 Remembrance Square, on Sunday! 

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Mike’s Cooling & Heating

M | Businesses


M & M Holdings
Address: 37 Legion Road, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 709-685-1894

M & S Siding Inc.
Address: 18 Mission Road, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7096870572

M Share Restaurant
Address: 532 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-8882

Mac-Mar Developments Limited
Address: 280 Fowlers Road
Phone: 709-834-1554

Mae Design Limited
Address: 615 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-1554

Mae Variety
Address: 400 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-5280

Maid to Clean
Address: 822-824 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-6243

Management Support Services
Address: 44 Glebe Road
Phone: 709-728-3323

Manual Medicine Center
Address: 120 Conception Bay Highway, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7096919287

Manuels Orange Store Inc.
Address: 118 Conception Bay Highway, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 709-834-2805

Manuels River Natural Heritage Society
Address: 1-7 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-2099

Marie’s Mini Mart
Address: 2186 Topsail Road
Phone: 709-781-1295

Marie’s Mini Mart
Address: 2180 Conception Bay Highway, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7097811295

Maries Mini Mart
Address: 365-369 Fowlers Road
Phone: 709-834-5389

Maries Mini Mart
Address: 2649 Topsail Road
Phone: 709-834-5595

Maries Mini Mart
Address: 28-34 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-8274

Mary Brown’s (Manuels)
Address: 79-81 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-6440

Mary Browns (Kelligrews)
Address: 831 Conception Bay Highway, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 709-834-3173

Mary’s Daycare
Address: 12 Waterside Place
Phone: 709-743-0798

Max Art Athletics Wellness
Address: 419 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-733-7330

McCarthy Homes
Address: 2309 Topsail Road
Phone: 709-685-6399

McCarthy’s Mechanical Ltd.
Address: 71-73 Greenslades Road
Phone: 709-834-7473

Address: 142-144 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-1166

Melanie Stairs – RMT
Address: 59a Chatwood Crescent, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7097641509

Melissa Collett
Address: 25 Simpson Place
Phone: (709) 834-2692

Merry Care Daycare
Address: 14-28 Craigs Lane
Phone: 709-834-4548

Michael’s Jewellery
Address: 712 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-7599

Michelle J. Rideout
Address: 7 Leisure Lane
Phone: 709-699-3816

Michelle’s Day Home
Address: 532 Seal Cove Road
Phone: 709-744-6810

Mike’s Cooling & Heating
Address: 13 Roberts Road North, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 7097255084

MJ Personal Care Home
Address: 87-93 Cherry Lane
Phone: 709-834-2349

MO Entertainment
Address: 9 Murphys Lane

Morgan’s Custom Auto & Property Inc.
Address: 17 Upper Gullies Elem. Road
Phone: 709-687-9392

Morgan’s Saw Mill
Address: 11 Dowdens Road
Phone: 709-744-2332

Motion in Control
Address: 197-199 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-0422

Ms. Taylor Pre-K
Address: 1009 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-744-2246

Muffin’s Kitchens Plus
Address: 740 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-5952

Murphy Landscaping
Address: 20 Thistles Road
Phone: 709-834-3253

Musically Inclined Inc.
Address: 610 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-5750

Myer’s Community Care Home
Address: 33 Legion Road
Phone: 709-834-3315

S.S. Meigle Lounge
Address: 1438 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-744-1212

The Morgan Group of Companies
Address: 130 Conception Bay Highway, Conception Bay South, NL, Canada
Phone: 709-834-2715

The Music Box
Address: 1020-1022 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-744-2080

The Music Corner
Address: 52-58 Conception Bay Highway
Phone: 709-834-1862

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